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A Sample of Our Agency’s Work

Labyrinth Coffee

The two owners of Cow Hollow coffee had split, leaving that poor experience attached to the company’s current identity. The project objective was to separate the old Cow Hollow Coffee from the company’s new direction by creating an entirely new, modern identity as Labyrinth Coffee.

“WiT Group helped transform Labyrinth Coffee’s image to position them as a viable partner for Charlotte’s popular roasteries. By shifting the focus from B2C to B2B, we were able to get Labyrinth in front of the right people to grow their business.”


4TekGear was growing fast, even in the midst of a pandemic the demand for 4tekgear’s products and services were needed more than ever. The only problem; the sharp increase in web traffic was not translating into sales – our agency needed to act fast to redesign the website and optimize for conversion. 


“WiT Group helped 4TekGear reach new heights with our website design and was a key partner in 2020. We could never have become the fastest growing company in Charlotte without their help this year!”

TDi Technologies

TDi Technologies was seeking a long-term solution to the difficulty they faced hiring for very intensive yet niche roles in development.

“Not only did WiT Group help create an ad that positioned TDi as a preferred technology company to work for, but the agency set up our company for ongoing success by installing an internship program that led to the type of well-developed workers we sought to hire.”

Best Mattress had built a stellar reputation over 92 years for high quality products, superior customer service, and handcrafted custom comfort. However, the company’s website and online presence were not so high quality – in fact, they were a detriment to the success of the business online. Our agency rebuilt the company’s online presence starting with a hand-crafted custom ecommerce website!

“The team at WiT Group was extremely professional, guided us through the process, and facilitated our transition into the digital world. We could not be happier with the new website, online branding, and the results we are seeing already after just a few weeks!”

A pro-bono project following the death of Keith Scott in Charlotte, this project was aimed at bridging the gap between Charlotte police and the city’s youth. Working directly with Gary McFadden, 2018 sheriff of Charlotte, and co-owner of Cops & Barbers, we helped develop a compelling strategy to mend the rift between Charlotte’s youth and the police force.

“This was an extremely rewarding passion project to work on that ultimately helped the Charlotte community alleviate the tension between minority youth and the police. By leveraging social media, app development, and web design, we helped position Cops & Barbers as the solution to a complex and serious problem.”

New Forum

A major property development company located in Steele Creek, North Carolina, New Forum officially started a marketing and advertising campaign to promote the new Two Silver Crescent office space.

“Two Silver Crescent required brand collateral and a new strategy to better pitch the space to potential tenants. From design to sales pitch, WiT Group helped position our new office space as one of the most desirable spaces in Charlotte.”

A:M Internal Advertising

A:M Internal Advertising developed strategies and tools for companies to enhance their internal recruitment efforts. By allowing companies to attract experienced top quality talent, A:M helped companies achieve higher ROI when investing in themselves. 

“Our team needed an identity and WiT Group gave it to us – our branding helped our company break into an extremely competitive industry with a new and fresh idea”

Ivy Citizens

A startup business seeking to break into the highly competitive women’s athletic wear industry, Ivy Citizens was exclusively designed by the prolific South African designer, Amanda Laird Cherry, and competed directly with other larger athletic brands in Charlotte’s South Park Mall.

“Amanda and her team were great to work with, and with our help, Ivy Citizens was able to overcome some of their challenges in brand identity and revenue generation. Our combined efforts led to a largely successful re-branding that helped create a more steady flow of loyal customers.”

Emergency Transportation Associates

Emergency Transportation Associates (ETA) was established in September 2019; however, the owners have been in the ambulance remounting business for decades. Without a proper web presence to convey the company’s wealth of experience and industry knowledge, the founders sought the help of WiT Group to breathe life into their brand and generate viable leads through a professionally developed website.

“Our team really went to bat for ETA, creating a stunning web presence for them where none existed before. Thanks to our web design and social ad campaigns, we helped position ETA as one of the leading ambulance remounting service providers in the Southeastern U.S.”

90’s CBD is a brand built and designed to stand out in the oversaturated CBD market thanks to WiT Group’s efforts. The 90’s CBD brand will be mainly featured within a CBD marketplace, directly competing with a number of brands selling similar products.

“The brand was designed to evoke the cultural nostalgia for the 90s that Generation Y (the main target market) associates with positivity.”

Nutrition Healthworks

Nutrition HealthWorks is a team of registered dietitians and nutritionists in North Carolina. They came to us in search of a fractional CMO to help lead and execute their social marketing campaigns, SEO strategy, and branding.

“Nutrition HealthWorks was a fun challenge for the team. We wanted to deviate from the standard before-and-after approach that most health companies take in their campaigns, choosing instead a more subtle yet effective approach in our color and imagery selection.”

Logo & Mark Designs

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