Data Analysis Services with WiT

Effective marketing and advertising means having a team of knowledgeable data analysts to inform the ongoing strategy. At WiT Group, our team of expert marketers provide extensive data analysis services to help our clients’ campaigns succeed. Get a stronger return on your advertising investment by selecting WiT’s data analysis services today!

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Heat Mapping

Our data analysts examine our clients’ websites and applications to determine what their visitors are interacting with the most and identify optimization opportunities. Through our detailed heat map data analysis, we help create actionable solutions to earn the best results for our clients’ marketing efforts. 

UX/UI Testing

We thoroughly examine the user experience and interface design of each clients’ website, e-commerce, and mobile apps to ensure a seamless, impactful experience. Our team collects the valuable insights needed to tailor our clients’ UX/UI design to meet their target consumers’ unique needs and expectations.

Business Process Analysis

Through our business process analysis services, we help identify issues in efficiency to set our clients up for ongoing success beyond their marketing strategy. Our data analysts will perform a thorough evaluation of our clients’ internal business processes to help improve day-to-day operations for maximum efficiency.

Campaign Analysis

Gathering key insights from our clients’ active campaigns, we’ll identify the content and creative materials that resonate while pinpointing problems in delivery, design, and targeted demographics. Our team of strategic marketers will carefully evaluate campaign performance to ensure our clients are earning the strongest ROI.

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In today’s digital world, data saturates every aspect of the marketing and advertising landscape. Gone are the days when companies could simple throw ideas at the wall until something sticks: Now, brands must make informed decisions based on careful data analysis to make the greatest impact with their campaigns. Data analysis services can tell businesses a lot about their marketing strategy, including:

  • What times are best for reaching the target audience
  • Demographic information about consumers interacting with a brand’s campaign
  • What elements of a campaign resonate the most, including messaging, graphics, and UI design
  • Which platforms and devices are best-suited for the campaign in question
  • How companies should allocate their ad spend to make the biggest impact

At WiT, out data analysis services cover everything our clients need to better inform their marketing strategies. Gathering specific information about our clients’ campaigns, we identify the elements that are making the best impact while optimizing others to increase performance expectations. Get started with our data analysis services by contacting our team today.

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Our team understands that each campaign is as different as the companies that created them. That’s why we never take a cookie-cutter approach to our data analysis services. We work closely with our clients’ internal teams to identify the metrics that matter most to their business objectives, custom-tailoring their marketing strategies to best meet their goals. When you select our data analysis services, our team will:

  • Evaluate current business processes, UX/UI design, web presence, and service/product profitability to optimize for performance
  • Perform a marketplace and competitor analysis to better inform the campaign strategy
  • Collaborate closely with clients’ internal teams on creative direction, key messaging, and business objectives
  • Analyze campaign metrics and optimize accordingly to meet performance goals

As a commission-based marketing agency, our clients only pay for the results we deliver. We’ve helped our clients earn millions of dollars in revenue thanks to our data analysis and informed marketing strategies. Start experiencing your true earning potential by contacting WiT for your data analysis needs!