Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly complex and difficult for companies to manage properly, even with an internal marketing team. Without top-level expertise to execute their digital marketing strategies, companies miss new business opportunities, fail to see a return on their advertising budgets, and delay company growth. WiT Group’s expert digital marketing team has decades of experience driving revenue through online advertising channels.

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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Automation

Using sophisticated marketing automation solutions, our team helps streamline the digital marketing and inbound sales process to earn our clients results more efficiently.

Lead Generation

We carefully develop digital marketing strategies aimed at driving viable inbound leads to help our clients experience a significant lift in their revenue stream.


Our team uses search engine optimization to help clients rise in the ranks of the world’s top search engines, allowing them to expand their reach and increase organic client acquisition.

Social Media Advertising

We help brands identify the best channels to use to reach their target audience, employing cost-effective advertising strategies to earn our B2C clients a stronger ROAS.

Brand Awareness

WiT Group’s display & video advertising services help clients target their ideal customers with display ads and videos as they view and interact with popular websites, allowing clients to greatly expand their reach & brand awareness.


Our digital marketing agency drives business through paid acquisition channels, utilizing search engine marketing (SEM) strategies that place our clients in front of customers at the moment of relevancy.


By optimizing our clients’ websites for conversion rate and by optimizing ads for user intent, we help drive viable leads and increase conversion rates to provide a boost to the bottom line without increasing the client’s ad budget.

Programmatic Advertising

Our programmatic advertising services help clients reach their target audience in the most effective and efficient manner, taking the guesswork out of digital ad delivery.

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Results Driven Digital Marketing

In order to get the best results for their digital marketing efforts, brands need to employ a number of strategies and understand how to execute them effectively. Many companies attempt to develop their own digital marketing strategies only to discover that the thousands they’ve spent on their advertisements haven’t earned them the results they hoped for. The problem isn’t that digital marketing is ineffective: It’s that brands lack the in-house marketing experts necessary to execute, analyze, and drive meaningful results through online advertising.

Our results-driven marketing agency focuses on earning our clients the most impactful results in the most efficient, effective manner possible. Not only does our digital marketing agency expertly employ the right combination of advertising methods, but we do so while tracking and analyzing data on campaign performance to inform the overarching strategy. Start getting the results you’re after by teaming up with WiT Group today!

3 digital marketing experts at table discussing strategy


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Our team takes a holistic approach to our digital marketing services. We take the time to understand each client’s business model and GTM strategies from the inside out, deriving the best combination of digital strategies to increase brand awareness, conversions, and sales revenue. To succeed in digital advertising for our clients, WiT Group will:

  • Work carefully with clients’ internal teams to identify their key business objectives and align the digital marketing strategy with these goals
  • Perform a competitor analysis to identify digital marketing opportunities and make the strongest impact on the target audience
  • Develop compelling content and stunning graphics to accompany each digital marketing campaign
  • Use sophisticated data tracking tools to inform the overall online marketing strategy and optimize accordingly

WiT Group’s digital marketing consultants are committed to our clients’ success, doing Whatever it Takes to help them soar to new heights online. Work with a team that has your best interests at heart in everything they do: Contact WiT Group to get started today.