Who We Are

A results-driven digital marketing agency with a business-minded approach

What We Do

WiT Group is an end-to-end performance marketing agency specializing in digital marketing and performance-based inbound demand generation. Our results-driven marketing agency works with clients all over the country, helping them achieve their business objectives through our broad range of marketing & advertising services. Partnering with some of the most prestigious companies in the nation, we empower companies to take their brand’s marketing & online advertising to the next level!

Why we are successful

By taking a consultative approach with our clients and taking the time to truly understand their business, our team of talented marketing experts and business analysts are able to guide our clients to success through an objective-based marketing approach. Strategy is a part of every campaign and we insist on that being a crucial part of our client relationships.

marketing manager talks to her agency representative about a campaign

Our Services

We support our clients in every aspect of traditional and digital marketing to deliver winning strategies, maximize digital marketing ROI, and deliver compelling creative that builds long-term value for our clients.  WiT Group takes a personalized approach to our integrated marketing services, delivering custom-tailored solutions designed with our clients’ business objectives in mind.


Offering comprehensive branding solutions, our content developers and graphic designers help create the visual aesthetic and key messaging necessary for driving client success.


Our expert marketers apply their skills across a wide range of traditional and digital media platforms to help brands bolster awareness, raise conversions, and increase revenue.


With our skilled analysts and strategists available to inform each phase of the overall marketing direction, our team ensures every solution we provide is capable of earning the results we promise.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a high performance marketing agency that stands behind our work, proven by our unique pay-for-performance fee structure for digital advertising campaigns. We are unique in the respect that we are a performance marketing agency with our success driven by the results we achieve for our clients. Every employee at WiT Group is incentivized by performance and therefore they have a vested self-interest in the success of our clients.

Our unique performance-driven culture propels our agency and our clients’ marketing strategy forward — Whatever it Takes!

Why Work With Us

WiT stands for Whatever It Takes. Our job is to do whatever it takes to advertise your brand successfully online. With over 100 years of combined marketing experience and a network of top marketing experts available, our digital marketing agency is positioned to take your company’s marketing to new heights!

We keep our overhead low and our operations lean so we can provide superior service at rates that encourage our clients to utilize our agency for all their creative, marketing, and strategic business needs.

man in gray suit reviews report from wit group marketing campaigns

Our Process

Our 6 Step Continuous Improvement Process ensures that our performance always improves the longer we work with a client. Our agency prides itself on results, which means we are constantly evaluating and optimizing campaigns.

1. Consultation and Engagement

First, our agency consults with you to develop a high-level strategy and establish a working relationship. Often, we engage BEFORE any agreed-upon budgets.

2. Audit & Discovery

Next our team gains access to your accounts, produces a baseline “snapshot” of your current metrics, and dives deep into your business model and marketing strategies.

3. Define Strategy & Objectives

Then we work together to determine agreed-upon and clearly defined objectives. We define what success will look like and work backward to develop a stratic plan.

4. Develop a Strategic Roadmap

Within seven days of discovery, our agency develops a strategic roadmap that contains recommended ad budgets, tactics, and a 90-day marketing action plan.

5. Deliver Results

Upon approval of our strategic roadmap, our team puts the effort behind the plan to start driving results. Performance is the cornerstone of our agency.

6. Evaluate and Communicate

Through our transparent reporting and clear communication with our clients, our team is continuously improving your campaigns & ROAS.

group of marketers reviewing wit group campaign results

How we engage.

Our agency features three primary service areas to fit our client’s needs:

Creative, Marketing, and Strategy.

Each service area works synergistically with the others to deliver tangible results and to help our clients’ marketing efforts reach their true potential. While creative and strategy services utilize a more traditional hourly rate, our digital marketing efforts can be managed through an hourly rate, traditional retainer model, or pay-for-performance commission structure.

Our business analysts are responsible for guiding new clients through our process and working with you to find the right customized solution for your business. Our clients love that we are so dedicated to their online branding & advertising efforts and have a vested interest in their success!