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Results Matter. Our agency partners with clients to achieve their goals, Whatever it Takes!
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An award-winning digital marketing agency working as your company’s
Lead Generati|

WiT Group takes an objective-based approach with our clients to:

    1. Deliver winning strategies
    2. Deliver compelling ad messaging
    3. Maximize digital marketing ROI

By developing inbound marketing strategies that drive leads and build brands for the long term, we ensure our clients are always successful and grow their businesses.

Our digital marketing agency doesn’t sell any particular service or product, we are only concerned with making our clients successful. Whatever it takes!

1. Strategy

Determine the best GTM strategies for your brand, measure results, and optimize marketing efforts

2. Creative

Compelling creative messaging, graphics, and ad copy that drive action & brings your brand to life

3. Marketing

Data driven & performance-oriented digital marketing campaigns that drive measurable ROI

A Digital Marketing Agency With a
Business-Minded Approach.

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When Our Clients Succeed, We Succeed.

Our agency is dedicated to driving results for clients. Our unique Pay For Performance model ensures that our agency is fully dedicated to the success of our clients.

Dedicated to Client Success Since 2011

WiT Group began with the desire to drive results for clients, whatever it takes. Whether your company is based in Charlotte NC or across the country, our agency will find the most effective ways to drive results for your business. Results matter, and we are obsessed with achieving them!


Average increase in web traffic


Average increase in conversion rate

Creative. Marketing. Strategy.

WiT Group provides clients with compelling ad creative, winning marketing campaigns, and strategic consulting services. Whether it is logo design or branding, inbound lead generation, or search marketing – WiT Group can help!

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What people have to say

“Absolutely terrific. As far as results go, WiT Group goes above and beyond the call of duty and the result speaks for themselves. A year ago I couldn’t be found online and now I am getting orders from all over the world. I am even participating in the Oscar’s “swag bag” this year. Cannot say enough good things about WiT Group!”

Debey Hancock

CEO, Wellness 360 Nutritional Healing

“I have been working with WiT Group on a number of marketing-related projects for at least five years. This agency’s unique ability to explain technical analytical data and to leverage this data for better decision-making and building marketing strategies is second-to-none. WiT Group has helped me sharpen the focus on my target market with better messaging and content, manage effective paid-advertising and implement designs that are most appealing to my audience. I can’t recommend WiT Group more for anyone wanting to grow online sales and build customer and prospect engagement.”

Calvin Stiles

VP Marketing, European Machinery Sevices

WiT truly does equal ‘Whatever it Takes’!

Communication A+, Project Management A+, end results are fantastic.

Whether you are local to Charlotte NC or anywhere in the country, give WiT Group a call if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your site, refresh your branding, and for all your digital marketing projects.

Eric Vogl

Co-Founder, Emergency Transportation Associates