Pay For Performance

PFP Advertising


One of the key differentiators of our marketing agency is our Pay For Performance (PFP) model for advertising campaigns and digital marketing efforts.

Results Driven Marketing

One of the ways that WiT Group got it’s start was through pay-for-performance advertising and online marketing. Simply put, our agency is so confident in its ability to drive company success through online advertising and marketing campaigns that we work on commission! Our agency will develop profitable advertising campaigns that deliver a positive ROI for our clients, whatever it takes!

Understanding Your Business

To do this we will need a deep understanding of your business, target audience, profit margins, etc. and determine how to develop a measurable ROI for your marketing campaigns. All PFP marketing relationships begin with a discovery meeting and the development of a strategic marketing plan (SMP). It is important to note that not all companies are good candidates for our PFP marketing relationships, and our WiT certified business analysts will be able to make that determination with you.

What sets us apart.

If a PFP model is deemed appropriate for your company, our agency will follow our proven 6 step process to begin developing a strategy. Once our client has agreed to the strategic marketing plan (SMP) our team of experienced marketers begins developing inbound marketing and lead generation campaigns to drive revenue.

Defining Objectives

The objective of any PFP campaign is to drive new business and increase revenues. Our agency works to deliver the highest rate of return on you’re investment and our effort. Because we have a vested self interest in the performance of your campaigns, you can rest assured that your campaigns are being closely monitored, optimized, and evaluated. This approach is what causes our agency to think like a CMO – we are dedicated to the success of your business!


How We Engage

Pay For Performance marketing campaigns requires dedication and commitment for all parties involved. Clear and consistent communication, transparency in reporting, and an accurate determination of the value of each lead generated is vital to the success of any PFP campaign. It is essential that our agency has an accurate understanding of your business, including sensitive information such as average profit margins, customer lifetime value (CLV), and a full understanding of inbound sales strategies is needed in order for our agency to initiate a PFP relationship with our clients. If we are able to gather the necessary background information, and develop an approved strategic marketing plan, our agency will work on a pre-determined commission for the revenue your companies earns through our marketing and advertising strategies. 

Not sure what your business needs?

Let’s figure it out together!