We do

& Business Consulting

Every campaign, initiative, or project, regardless of size, starts with an approved strategy. We extend beyond what marketing agencies traditionally provide their clients by also offering business consulting services and strategic evaluation for our clients.

Strategic marketing & business consulting services

Our business analysts take the time to fully evaluate our clients’ operational efficiencies, business processes, internal systems, and their use of  technology to optimize business efficiency and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

business consultant discusses strategy with board members

Strategy Development

Our team meets internally and with our clients to develop winning end-to-end strategies that make our clients successful. All campaigns must have an approved strategy before initiating the project.

Inbound Sales Coaching

We consult with sales teams to maximize effectiveness

UX / UI testing

Our agency can provide QA testing for UX/UI on your website or web app. WiT Group also provides customer testing and user feedback services.

Heat Mapping

In addition to UX/UI testing, our agency provides heat mapping and web experience reporting for our clients.

Data Analysis

If your company needs the data crunched – we are here for that, in fact we love it! Making inferences from statistics and data is what makes our marketing campaigns so successful.

Fractional CMO

Our agency provides fractional CMO — our outsourced CMO solutions for SMB clients.


Business Process Analysis / Automation

Our business analysts can take a deep dive into your current business processes to identify opportunities for gained efficiency, and to evaluate the need for potential technology solutions that can make companies more productive.

Application Development

We build web apps for our clients. Whether a company needs an internal facing web application to automate business processes or a customer facing enterprise level web application we use technology to make your business more efficient

Campaign Research

We will analyze your current marketing campaigns to understand what is working, what isn’t, and how to maximize the effectiveness of your existing campaigns.

We Build Business

We work hard to build our clients’ businesses, not win advertising awards. Successful clients are happier. loyal, and they tend to have larger marketing budgets!