Campaign Research Services 

Conducting research prior to launching a marketing campaign is one of the best investments and company can make. Without the proper understanding of their target market, ad creative, and platform delivery, companies can set themselves up for failure from the start of a traditional or digital advertising campaign. WiT Group provides our clients with campaign research services they need to save time and money and to make more informed decisions on their ad spend.

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Benefits of Campaign Research

Cost Savings

Poorly researched campaigns can have a devastating effect on a company’s bottom line. Our team helps provide incredible cost savings to our clients by providing them the insights they need to get the most out of their ad spend before they ever spend a penny.

Time Savings

Campaigns can run for weeks, month, or longer before companies realize they aren’t meeting their objectives. Campaign research prevents a lapse in campaign performance and provides the valuable insights necessary to help clients save time and execute immediately.


Without a firm understanding of the target audience, platform, or creative materials, brands won’t get a strong return on their investment. We evaluate every aspect of a campaign’s performance before, during, and after delivery to get the strongest ROAS.


Decision Making

When companies don’t have the data they need on-hand, they can’t make informed decisions. Our team collects the most pertinent campaign data to help clients make smart decisions, helping them remain profitable and productive at all times.

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Our Campaign Research Services

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Companies often have great ideas for their ad campaigns; however, many lack the resources necessary to conduct the proper research prior to execution. Our strategic agency provides the end-to-end campaign research services companies need to make informed decisions, including:

  • Pre-Campaign Research: We’ll help identify the target audience, ideal delivery platform, and best times for delivery prior to getting started. Our team can also help facilitate focus groups and A/B tests to identify the best creative opportunities for driving home the message.
  • Mid-Campaign Research: Our data analysts will monitor campaign performance to track progress and identify opportunities for optimization. We’ll provide a detailed report so clients can best understand where, when, and how their marketing dollars are being spent.
  • Post-Campaign Research: We can evaluate data from prior campaigns to try and find the reason for why a campaign flourished or failed. Depending on our findings, we’ll create a plan of action to increase campaign effectiveness moving forward to earn clients the strongest ROAS.

WiT Group’s careful research team understands the many factors that contribute to campaign performance, and we’ve helped our clients earn millions of dollars in increased revenue as a result. Contact our team to get started with our campaign research solutions today.

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Every campaign is different, and therefore requires a unique approach to ensure its success. Our team takes a deeply personalized approach to our campaign research services, carefully evaluating every aspect of our clients’ businesses to identify the key components for what success looks like to them. By selecting our team for service, we will:

  • Perform a competitor analysis to identify hidden campaign opportunities
  • Analyze the target audience, platforms, and delivery methods best suited to the campaign goals
  • Collaborate with clients’ internal teams to create messaging and graphics that align with their company’s policies and overarching business objectives
  • Provide detailed reports on campaign performance and opportunities for optimization

Our strategic agency is obsessed with earning our clients the results they seek — Whatever it Takes. Start setting up your campaigns for success by reaching out to WiT Group today!