Heat Mapping Services

Using heat mapping data, brands can optimize their sites and apps to enhance the user experience, increase conversions, and improve sales. WiT Group provides heat mapping analysis to better inform our clients’ marketing strategy, web development, and UX design. Discover the data that matters most by enlisting the help of WiT Group today!

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Scroll Maps

Our analytics professionals will pinpoint the exact percentage of people who scroll to any point on our clients’ webpages. This helps our team identify the average visibility of our clients’ pages to optimize for increased visibility and traffic.

Click Maps

Through click mapping, our team will quickly identify what users interact with most on our clients’ websites. Using this data, we’ll make strategic adjustments to optimize for conversions and get the clicks that count most for our clients.

Move Maps

Movement mapping tells us where users move and pause their mouse while navigating websites. These insights provide powerful information about user intent, helping us optimize content positioning to drive conversions.

Desktop & Mobile Maps

Device optimization is crucial for ensuring marketing success. Our team compares performance across devices to discover optimization opportunities, creating a unified web presence for each client.

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Heat mapping is a sophisticated analytical process that illustrates how users interact with websites and applications. Using these analytics, companies can discover significant insights about the user journey to better inform their content strategy, website optimization, and UI/UX design. The following are just a few examples of the powerful insights brands can gather through heat mapping:

  • Discover whether or not important content is reaching users
  • Understand whether or not users are finding and using main links, buttons, opt-ins, and CTAs
  • Evaluate whether users are easily distracted by non-clickable elements
  • Analyze the user experience as a whole and identify design issues across multiple devices

WiT’s strategic marketing experts are adept at analyzing this data and applying it to our clients’ overall marketing strategy. Through our heat mapping discovery process, we’ve helped our clients dramatically improve sales and conversions, allowing their sites to become powerful revenue generators. Discover what your heat map is telling you about your user experience by contacting WiT Group today.

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Our team acts as an extension of our clients’ internal teams, empowering them with our analytical and strategic expertise to deliver tangible results. Using data-driven solutions, our team will identify key opportunities for optimization that will generate improvements to user experience, conversion rates, digital marketing campaigns, and sales performance. Working with WiT, our expert analysts will:

  • Evaluate current web design, application design, and ecommerce setup using heat mapping tools and analytics
  • Perform a marketplace and competitor analysis to inform the optimization strategy
  • Collaborate with clients’ internal teams on optimization efforts using data gleaned through heat mapping

As a commission-based marketing agency, our clients only pay for the results we earn. Our heat mapping solutions have provided our clients with the insights they need to pivot accordingly and improve site traffic, conversions, and sales. Find the data-driven solutions you need by contacting WiT today!