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For the past decade, Andy Thomas Careers Now (ATCN) has been helping professionals nationwide find their career aspirations. Recognizing the need for growth, education, and a streamlined user experience (UX), ATCN sought the expertise of WiT Group to redesign and modernize their website. The result is a vibrant, visually appealing platform that reflects modern design principles and integrates seamlessly with various systems, fostering scalability and operational efficiency.

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Our Process


An outdated website required a comprehensive redesign as Andy Thomas Careers Now expanded nationally. The need to educate potential clients, automate backend processes, and accommodate a growing team prompted the initiative for change. The challenge was to create a website that looked modern and aligned with Andy Thomas’ goals of user education, team growth, and backend automation while improving CRO and SEO.


The primary objective was to provide a fresh look and enhance the user experience while addressing backend inefficiencies. The goals included integrating systems for seamless growth, optimizing the website for search engines, and infusing personality to make the site more approachable. Additionally, the website needed to automate team updates as Andy’s career coaching firm continued to expand.


The comprehensive strategy for redesigning Andy Thomas Careers Now’s website involved a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, we initiated a seamless integration of systems, connecting email notifications, CRM, and marketing automation, enhancing operational efficiency for the growing team. The website’s automation system was designed to effortlessly accommodate new team members, ensuring the site remains up-to-date as the career guidance firm expands. A Mobile-First Initiative and a full design update were implemented for a responsive and visually appealing platform. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies were applied to create a website that effectively communicates its value, reducing the need for extensive explanations from the sales team. Strategic design choices, such as introducing spaces for improved readability, infusing personality through micro-level changes, and incorporating vibrant colors into Call-to-Actions (CTAs), collectively contribute to a more engaging and user-friendly experience. The visual redesign also adheres to SEO standards, ensuring the website looks modern and is optimized for search engines. This holistic strategy positions Andy Thomas’ team for continued success in guiding professionals toward fulfilling careers while maintaining a contemporary and efficient online presence.



The new Andy Thomas Careers Now website saw an 80% increase in conversion rates and a steep jump in organic rankings within the first few weeks after launch. Our team A|B tested both websites using an advertising campaign that had delivered consistent results for years. More people were converting to the new website and were more enthusiastic about working with a career coach. With the efficiency of moving information seamlessly from the website to the company CRM, the bandwidth of the sales and operations team was increased, and our team was able to get better data—which, of course, was used to optimize advertising campaigns!

UX Web Design

WiT Group initiated a thorough restructuring of Andy Thomas Careers Now’s website to reflect the firm’s evolution from a local boutique to a nationally recognized career guidance brand. The redesign focused on creating a vibrant, visually appealing platform with a Mobile-First Initiative for optimal responsiveness. A complete design update strategically broke up content for enhanced readability. Introducing well-placed spaces improved the user journey, and micro-level design changes, such as rounded borders and light backgrounds, added personality to the interface. The revamped website now effortlessly communicates its value, reducing the need for extensive explanations from the sales team and positioning Andy Thomas Careers Now as a modern, user-centric online destination.


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WiT Group initiated a holistic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategy for Andy Thomas Careers Now, aligned with the extensive website redesign. The goal was to bolster the online presence and address suboptimal organic traffic and conversion rates in the previous version. Modernized headings and content were designed to adhere to SEO standards, ensuring a contemporary and optimized platform. CRO strategies were implemented to streamline user interactions, reducing the need for detailed sales explanations and creating a more user-friendly experience. During a two-week A/B test, the inclusion of vibrant yellows in Call-to-Actions (CTAs) and strategically placed green accents resulted in an impressive 80% better conversion rate. The redesigned website, now optimized for mobile devices, boasts streamlined navigation and an enhanced overall user experience.

Website Development


Our web development efforts for Andy Thomas Careers Now prioritized more than aesthetics, emphasizing seamless integration and scalability—a thorough integration of systems connected to email notifications, CRM, and marketing automation to enhance operational efficiency. The website’s automated system ensures the seamless inclusion of new team members as Andy’s firm grows, showcasing scalability and a commitment to staying current. Introducing a custom post type for team members enhances user engagement, allowing users to sort coaches based on various factors. Integrating multiple systems, including CRM, billing software, and marketing automation platforms, ensures precise and accurate reporting through data analytics.

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