SEO Services

Search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, has been a core competency of our agency since our inception. WiT Group has a national reputation for driving results through our business-minded SEO strategies which are custom tailored to each individual client’s goals. Our SEO agency works with clients to increase web traffic, drive new business leads, and transform our clients’ websites into revenue generators.

4 Core SEO Services

Local SEO

For businesses that offer services specific to a geographic location, our team will focus on a location-based SEO strategy. Through our careful geo-targeted optimization techniques, local citation building, and Google Business Profile optimization, we ensure our clients’ websites are locally relevant, rank well for local searches on both mobile and desktop searches, and have the winning content strategy necessary for improving search engine rankings for their local target audience.

Service Based SEO (National)

Companies that sell their services indiscriminate of geographic location, particularly those on a national level,  need to employ different SEO strategies than local businesses. After extensive keyword research, our team of experts will develop a results-driven strategy focused on-page optimization, link building, enhanced social signals, speed optimization, and much more to earn our clients’ websites a top spot on the national SERPS.

Product Based SEO ( ECommerce)

Our team has years of experience optimizing e-commerce websites, developing Google merchant accounts, optimizing Amazon accounts, and integrating with Google Shopping for paid advertising clients. Our team has experience working with merchant accounts to ensure data syncs are accurate and schema markups are optimized. Using a combination of technical SEO, optimized website architectures, link building, and review management, our agency will help boost traffic to your website and increase online sales!

Event Based SEO

For event-specific campaigns, our team understands time is of the essence. Our agency uses combined efforts in website and event page optimization, social media marketing, and networking to leverage the power of top event page listings like Eventbrite, Facebook, and Google. By optimizing our clients’ event listings across all relevant platforms we drive awareness of the upcoming event to the largest target audience and keep the event at the top of their target consumers’ minds.


Good SEO agencies implement techniques that achieve four distinct goals: 

  • Achieve higher rankings on search engines for key services
  • Achieve higher rankings for additional services
  • Earn placements on other high-ranking and relevant websites
  • Achieve higher rankings on mobile searches

Great SEO agencies do keyword research in order to understand user intent and put the most effort behind searches that will bring the largest return on investment for their clients. Our award-winning digital marketing agency specializes in top-quality SEO services that drive results for our clients, turning their websites into revenue generators. We identify the key differentiators for each client, prime their SEO strategy for ongoing success, and support them to continually meet their business objectives. Get started with the best search marketing company in the business by contacting our SEO agency for a complimentary consult.  


on target seo services is a bullseye for companies
two seo experts discuss services offered to companies


The biggest mistake that companies make with search engine optimization is failing to account for user intent. Oftentimes, companies have terms they internally identified as important without fully understanding the keyword research. They may run into jargon mismatch by optimizing for industry-specific terms that potential clients don’t know, or find search volume to be deceiving. It is important to understand the difference between informative searches and searches likely to convert.

Many SEO companies are more than happy to optimize a client’s website for these less competitive “vanity terms.” While these terms are easier to rank for, they won’t bring the ROI most clients are looking for. Working with an SEO agency to develop an intentional search engine marketing strategy can turn your website into a revenue generator. Maximizing ROI from organic search traffic is key to a long-term relationship with our clients.