UX Design Services with WiT

User experience design (UX design) is arguably one of the most important facets of a successful digital marketing strategy. UX design encompasses every aspect of the buyer journey from initial impressions and branding to usability and function. Whether for a website, mobile app, or product, carefully crafted user experience design is what differentiates extraordinary brands from the ordinary.


User Motivation & Psychology

Identify the main sources of motivation that drive user intent to create a more impactful UX design.

Functionality & Features

Ensure each aspect of the consumer journey performs as it should, and possesses the features necessary for meeting user expectations.

Accessibility & Aesthetics

Create a visually stunning interface that’s easy to use and meets the unique demands of your consumer base.

Branding & Credibility

Leverage your brand identity and industry expertise to become the authority for your users.


marketing agency employee making ux designs on clipboard

UX design is a broad term used to describe how consumers interact with and experience brands’ products and services online, most typically through a website or application. While user experience design considers things like usability and user interface design, these are only subsets of the larger goals that user experience design attempts to accomplish. Rather than focusing solely on usability and interface, UX designers assess the entire process of acquiring, educating, and engaging users.

From branding and design to usability and function, our creative agency develops the entire user experience in order to make our clients’ marketing efforts as effective as possible. Brands that possess an exceptional UX design don’t just create web platforms that are usable: They create entire experiences that address user motivation, psychology, aesthetics, branding, functionality, and efficiency to build brand efficacy. Without an intuitive user experience design, even the most forward-thinking brands can be left behind competitively. Don’t let poor user experience design lead to poor digital marketing performance!


WiT stands for whatever it takes, and that’s exactly the approach we use when addressing user experience design. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver a seamless, efficient, aesthetically appealing end-to-end user experience for our clients’ websites, helping them achieve increased recognition, conversions, and revenue. Included in our UX design services are the following:

• User research and buyer persona creation
• Wireframe design
• Interactive prototyping and design testing
• Branding and visual design

Through our integrated user experience design services, our team has earned millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. Because we are a commission-based marketing agency, our team is only successful when our clients achieve their objectives. Are you ready to make a positive change to your user experience? Contact WiT Group about our UX design services and start reaching your true potential today!