Branding & Rebranding Services

The world’s most successful companies all have one thing in common: powerful, effective branding. Branding and rebranding are at the heart of WiT Group’s turnkey marketing solutions. Our creative agency has the skills and expertise necessary to transform any lackluster company into a booming brand. Contact us today to get started!



Graphic Design & Content Management

Our creative professionals convey the essence of our clients’ brands through visually stunning graphic design and strategic content development. Working carefully with our clients’ internal teams, we identify their differentiating factors, creating graphics and content that closely align with their branding and rebranding objectives.

Search Marketing & Site Optimization

Part of our branding and rebranding strategy may include search marketing and site optimization to communicate our clients’ mission, vision, and values. Our creative team works synergistically with our web design strategists to ensure our clients’ brands are properly represented through a unified, impactful web presence.

Key Messaging & Social Media

Our social media professionals help build a community of loyal consumers through social platforms, blogging, and content marketing. We work diligently to ensure our clients’ unique brand voices shine through in every deliverable that reaches their target audience to keep consumers coming back for more!

Website & UX Design

Through our branding and rebranding process, we’ll help identify issues in our clients’ web and UX design to ensure an intuitive, seamless brand experience. This meticulous process helps ensure the visual and messaging cues developed by our creative team saturate every aspect of the target user’s experience.


content developers typing on laptops for marketing agency
Branding isn’t just about having an easily recognizable logo. It’s a combined effort to accurately convey a company’s message across multiple platforms and media. From blogs and social posts to website design and search engine optimization, each of these individual elements together lay the groundwork for branding success. When rebranding a business, it’s essential that each layer of the company be revisited to ensure all unwanted messaging, imagery, and targeted keywords are removed. This can quickly become a lengthy and laborious process, which is why it’s essential to have branding and rebranding experts available to assist.

Our creative agency will do whatever it takes to get our clients’ brands back on track to meet their business objectives. Our integrated branding and rebranding services deliver everything from graphic design and content management to social media and search marketing, setting companies up for ongoing success. Contact us today to discover why our team is the best solution for your branding and rebranding needs.


Branding and rebranding should never apply cookie-cutter solutions. At WiT, our team collaborates closely with each of our clients to identify their specific business objectives and develop the plan that will help them accomplish their goals. When selecting branding or rebranding services through WiT, our expert team will:

• Conduct thorough research of our clients’ target audience
• Create an ongoing content strategy to increase search engine rankings and drive brand authority
• Develop visually stunning creative that aligns with our clients’ value proposition and key messaging
• And much more!

WiT is a commission-based marketing agency, meaning our team only succeeds when our clients succeed. We are deeply invested in our clients’ branding success, using results-driven strategies to inform every aspect of our service offerings. Through our expert branding and rebranding services, we have earned millions of dollars in revenue for our clients, helping their companies soar to new heights. Get the branding or rebranding assistance you need from our expert team by contacting us today.