Graphic Design Services

Many brands underestimate the power that good graphic design can bring to their overall marketing strategy. With the right design cues in place, companies can expand their reach and resonate more easily within their target markets. WiT Group has years of experience developing custom graphic designs to help brands stand out from the crowd, increase loyalty, and drive conversions. 

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Custom Designs That:

Strengthen Brands

Without a consistent brand image, companies risk losing their business to brands that have taken the time to develop a cohesive aesthetic. WiT Group provides end-to-end graphic design services, providing detailed style guides to help brands develop a consistent presence that resonates with their audience.

Increase Awareness

Companies that don’t have a set style will ultimately fall flat when trying to build awareness for their brands. Our graphic designers are highly skilled at creating compelling content that not only makes brands stronger, but allows them to increase their awareness in a smart, strategic, and stylistic way.

Build Loyalty

Brands that are easily recognizable are those that have the biggest following, and therefore the most consumer loyalty. Through our graphic design services, we are able to captivate the target audience for the long-term, giving consumers a reason to return time and time again as they become loyal customers.

Drive Conversions

Graphic designs are meaningless if they don’t account for user intent and employ proven methods for capturing consumers’ attention to drive sales. Utilizing our strengths in color theory, graphic imagery, and visual storytelling, we create compelling creative that doesn’t just look great, but drives meaningful results for our clients.
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Why Brands Need Graphic Design

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When it comes to graphic design services, many companies fail to see how compelling creative provides value beyond just “looking cool.” Graphic design is an essential element to a brand’s overall marketing strategy, and can make or break a company’s bottom line depending on how it’s executed. The following illustrates just how important graphic design services are for a brand’s marketing performance:

  • 94% of consumers will leave a website that has poor graphic design
  • When brands’ messaging is coupled with visual graphics, consumers will retain 55% more information than they would have with text alone
  • Social media posts that feature custom graphics deliver a 650% higher engagement rate than plain-text posts

At WiT Group, our creative agency specializes in delivering custom designs that make a serious impact on our clients’ marketing efforts. Thanks to our graphic design services, we’ve helped brands earn millions of dollars in increased revenue. Make custom design a part of your marketing strategy by getting started with WiT Group’s graphic design services today!


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Our team understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a brand’s image. We always aim to deliver consistent, compelling creative that tells our clients’ story in the most visually appealing way possible. By selecting our creative agency for service, our team will:

  • Assess the current branding style guides and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Conduct a competitor analysis to find unique ways for our clients to stand out in their respective industries
  • Work collaboratively with clients’ in-house teams to develop creative that speaks to their company’s policies, story, and business objectives
  • Provide a detailed style guide to inform design efforts moving forward

Don’t let the importance of graphic design services go underestimated: Get the high-quality, visually stunning creative your brand needs to succeed by contacting WiT Group today.