Websites should be designed for “function” 

Simplicity often triumphs over the thin vapidity of “complex UI Design”. 4TekGear needed a website that would convert their growing audience into dedicated customers. To accomplishi this they needed a better “functioning” ux web design to assure their target market of their reliability while pushing users to convert.

The Process

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As remote work environments became commonplace in the wake of covid-19, traffic to the 4TekGear site was booming. However, it quickly became apparent that the site was converting below the client’s desired standards; the number of site viewers who convert to paying customers was too low.

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Redefine what the 4TekGear website needs to function successfully from a multitude of standpoints; user experience, conversion rate, and brand-driven engagement. The new high functioning design for the site also needed to fit well into the content management system [CMS] the client was shackled to, adding an extra layer of restriction in design and development.

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Working with a small site, the first step was to make all of the vital pages, which is all of them with a small eCommerce site, accessible within an instant. These key pages were defined quickly into the process and deemed as essential to what is featured on the brand’s new homepage.

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Where We Started

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UX Web Design for Ecommerce

The hierarchy of content on the newly designed homepage was intricately constructed to fit the research and profiles gathered on viewers of the site. Opening with a direct call to action on the pain points of many companies facing remote working – the costs. The opening header, the first thing a viewer sees, theoretically states “4TekGear will help you work remotely, at less than a premium, with highly recognized and trusted brands in the industry.

Overall the least subtle changes to the site are the significantly higher number of links on the homepage that are each made strikingly distinct from with a realized aesthetic based on the look of modern digital equipment. Modern technologies are often accompanied by deep blues, harsh almost brutalist shapes, and confining use of white space. The colors used drive a feeling of complexity and depth, while the use of white space and color use leads the eye easily through the page.

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