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Organic social media marketing has grown increasingly difficult in the past decade — especially as Facebook consciously limits the reach of company posts to their target consumers. At WiT Group, our social media marketing experts are adept at building organic traction for the clients we serve. Discover what our organic social media services can do to help your brand reach new heights by contacting our team today!

Our Social Media Strategies


Organic social media is all about striking the right balance between frequency and engagement. At WiT Group, we ensure our clients’ social presence achieves the right balance, enabling powerful, organic growth within their target market.



Gaining traction on social media begins with rapid response. Our team has developed an exclusive network of social media clients, allowing us to easily cross-promote content to help gain our clients the strongest results for their social media efforts.



Customers don’t just want custom content — they demand it. At WiT, we believe in creating custom content for every client, delivering stunning graphics and branded messaging that resonates with our clients’ target audiences.


One of the strongest indicators of social media success is a high engagement rate. Our team of social media gurus intentionally sets up a certain proportion of posts to drive engagement, earning our clients the strongest return on their social media investment.

Results-Driven Social Effort

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Many companies mistakenly aim for the most likes or shares, failing to realize that these metrics won’t affect their bottom line. Likewise, brands often make the mistake of assuming the more frequently they post, the more likely it is that they’ll reach their target audience. However, most social platforms limit a company’s reach when they post more frequently. Not only that, but the more frequently brands choose to post, the more likely it is that the quality of their posts will suffer, leading to a decrease in the metrics that matter most. At WiT, we focus on three main metrics to determine social performance success:

  • Reach
  • Following
  • Engagement

If our organic social media services are able to make significant improvements in these three areas, we know we’ve done our job right! Our results-driven creative agency is committed to earning our clients the highest rate of success. Start improving your organic social strategy by connecting with our marketing experts today.


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At WiT Group, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to organic social media marketing. Instead, we work closely with each client to identify the unique opportunities that exist within their niche industry and target audience. When clients choose WiT Group to manage their organic social media growth, our team will:

  • Define the client’s business objectives and align the social strategy with these goals
  • Identify which platforms are best suited for the client’s overarching marketing strategy
  • Plan a cost-effective budget for boosted posts to aid in organic growth
  • Maximize reach, following, and engagement for the strongest return on social media investment

Through our organic social media services, we’ve helped our clients see significant improvements to their bottom line. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, results-driven strategy to propel organic social growth, look no further than WiT Group to manage your marketing needs. Connect with our team today to get started!

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