Nutrition Healthworks

Nutrition Healthworks, a small company in 2015, needed to expand its digital presence to compete in the highly competitive market of nutritionist services. The marketing company, WiT Group, worked closely with Nutrition Healthworks for 7 years. The marketing strategy constantly adapted to their changing needs as the small company broke into the mainstream nutrition market. Now the nutritionist company needed a modern website in both design and search engine optimization to grow its online presence.

a monitor displaying the nutrition healthworks website alongside the platinum award this project won from Hermes
nutrition healthworks seo website design,  from a marketing company, shown on a laptop
nutrition healthworks website displayed on 2 cell phones - marketing company
nutrition healthworks new website displayed on a tablet

Our Process


Nutrition Healthworks a small company in 2015 needed a website. Lacking a digital presence the company wanted to break into the mainstream nutrition market. At 7 employees in 2015 it was time to expand the business by expanding the company’s channels for lead acquisition. 2023 Nutrition Healthworks has grown from that initial 7-employee company to its current 30+ employees. Throughout the 7 years of significant corporate growth, WiT Group has been there with Nutrition Healthworks adapting to their evolving digital needs.


Compete in the highly competitive market of nutritionist services while growing the brand and team with a strong digital presence. To start, modernize the company’s website design and optimize the content and structure to rank above competitors.


Over the 7 years of working together, strategies have changed focus with the changing needs of Nutrition Healthworks as they have grown. Consistent SEO and acquiring qualified digital leads have always been important metrics, but as the company has expanded into 3 states, Local SEO has become a focus of the marketing company’s efforts. Also as numerous nutritionists were added to the team over the years, introducing and branding these nutritionists has become vital to the lead acquisition process. Nutrition consultations can be incredibly personal, and a large barrier for most people is how vulnerable a discussion on weight can be. Branding these nutritionists with their specialty, and a bit of background on them goes a long way in adding a level of comfort before a client ever meets them.

Business Strategy Consulting


As nutrition Healthworks has grown, increasing profit margin had become a need especially as employees were being consistently added to the business to meet the swiftly ballooning demand for nutritionist services. The leadership inside of Nutrition Healthworks worked closely with their marketing company, Wit Group, to define customer lifetime value and strategize on how to grow this value leading to a direct increase in profitability.

a nutritionist meeting with a client

The Clients Old Website

screenshot of the old nutrition healthworks website design
screenshot of the old nutrition healthworks website design
screenshot of the old nutrition healthworks website design

Website Development


WiT Group designed and developed Nutrition Healthwork’s first 12-page website back in 2015 but since then has expanded their website to incorporate 12 service lines, nutritionist bios, recipes, a resource center, videos, and all optimized for search engine ranking. To keep a consistent level of viewership growth Wit Group managed Google ads for the brand initially as the site gained traction and organic traffic took over as the lead driver of site traffic.