Nutrition Healthworks

Nutrition HealthWorks is a food-based nutrition company headquartered in Charlotte NC. Our agency has worked with the award-winning team of dietitians and nutritionists to develop an efficient and extremely effective inbound digital marketing strategy that has helped the company expand to over 18 locations and 2 additional markets in Raleigh NC and Savannah GA. Our team developed a content strategy and optimized website that consistently produces new patients for the nutrition company, enabling steady revenue and growth.

a monitor displaying the nutrition healthworks website alongside the platinum award this project won from Hermes


Our Process

The Problem

Nutrition HealthWorks needed a website and digital presence that could efficiently drive awareness for the small but growing franchise. The company had expanded to over 10 locations in the Charlotte NC market and needed a website and digital strategy that could allow for future growth into new locations. While each location offered similar services there were certain locations that specialized in certain services. The company website also did a poor job of explaining all of the company services as well as the impressive pedigree of the registered dietitians on staff. Lastly, the back office team needed a website that streamlined communication, facilitated quicker onboarding processes, and gave referral partners information about the services offered.


Our agency was tasked with developing a brand-worthy website that could deliver the right messaging, allow for future company growth, and facilitate back office process automation. The website also needed to adhere to regulations and compliance expected from a medical company that accepted insurance. Lastly the client needed a local SEO strategy that made it incredibly easy for new patients to find the company for relevant searches. Lastly, our agency needed to accomplish all of these objectives in a manner that made sense financially for the growing business.

Project Strategy

In order to compete in the highly competitive market of nutritionist services while growing brand awareness, our agency needed to establish a strong digital presence. To start, we needed to modernize the company’s website design and to build out new services pages with optimized content. By optimizing the website’s structure and by building dedicated landing pages for specific services, our SEO specialists predicted the site would rank above competitors. Consistent inbound lead generation and has always been an important metric, but as the company expanded into 3 states, Local SEO became our marketing agency’s focus. By building strong local citations and optimized Google Business Profiles, our firm was able to ensure optimal local search traffic. A number of nutritionists were added to the team each year, and quickly introducing these nutritionists properly would become vital to the lead acquisition process. This need for frequently updating the team roster led to the development of a templated “meet the team” section of the website – built for optimization and quick updates. 

Business Strategy Consulting


As Nutrition HealthWorks grew it became more important to make decisions based on data and expertise. As increasing profit margin had become a key focus area, measuring customer lifetime value (CLV), short-term and long-term ROI, and expected returns from advertising channels became a centerpiece of conversation.  With more employees being added to the business to meet the ballooning demand for nutritionist services, the need for business intelligence and marketing expertise became even more valuable. In 2020 the leadership inside of Nutrition HealthWorks enlisted our fractional CMO services to define customer lifetime value, measure ROI, and develop strategies for growth. These strategic marketing services resulted in better decision-making, increased CLV, and a direct increase in profitability.

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Charlotte’s #1 Nutritionist Company!

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WiT Group designed and developed Nutrition HealthWorks first 6-page website back in 2015 as a favor. In 2020, just as WiT Group launched as a full-service agency, it was time for Nutrition HealthWorks to return that favor. The inbound marketing tactics and improvements to the website over the years has led to increased profitability, better recruitment practices, continued growth, a dominant presence in local markets and even on a national scale, as well as a terrific relationship with our client. 

Oh, and a few awards for SEO! 😊