Search Engine Advertising with WiT

Our agency excels at driving business through paid acquisition channels and utilizes search engine marketing with most of our clients. This area is sometimes referred to as PPC or AdWords because of their popularity; however, search engine advertising refers to any paid placement on a search engine. Get started with a winning search engine advertising strategy by contacting our award-winning team today!

4 Benefits of Search Engine Advertising:


  • Immediate Results. Most campaigns can be launched within a day or two.
  • Accuracy. Very accurate reporting and granular data create a crystal clear ROI.
  • Customization. Ability to customize and test multiple creative and messaging.
  • Increased Traffic. Ensures the website is found at the precise moment of relevancy.

Why WiT is Successful with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

As a certified 2020 Google Partner, our agency is held to a higher standard of training, customer success, and reporting transparency. Keyword research is paramount to the success of a PPC campaign, and our search advertising experts must develop an approved strategy before we launch any campaign. By understanding our clients’ goals, analyzing web traffic, and understanding user intent, our agency is able to deliver cost-effective pay-per-click campaigns that drive a positive ROI for our clients, turning their website into a revenue generator.


Understanding User Intent & Probability of Conversion

The biggest mistake that companies make regarding PPC is failing to understand user intent when analyzing search traffic. Failure to develop a sound paid search strategy can lead to wasted effort and budget. Our team develops the campaigns, ad text, bid strategy, and targeting to ensure that our clients’ budgets are used as wisely as possible and continually improve with time.  

Prior to engaging in PPC advertising our firm must ensure that our client’s website is optimized for conversion. Driving users to a website that will not convert traffic into sales or leads is simply a wasted effort and our agency focuses on results. If a client’s website needs to be optimized for conversion (CRO) we will likely recommend that be done prior to engaging in PPC advertising.

Types of PPC:

Google AdWords

As a certified Google Partner, our marketing agency has access to tools and training materials that allow us to stay on the cutting edge of this practice, improve the efficiency of our campaigns, and reduce the CPA (cost per acquisition) for our clients. Our agency has been running Google Adwords Campaigns since 2009. 

Bing Ads

Our agency also works with Bing Ads to drive traffic for our clients’ websites. While a lower percentage of online search occurs on Bing (less than 3%), the cost per click is typically much less expensive than Google.

Amazon PPC ( Sponsored Products)

Our agency uses sponsored products to promote clients’ products on Amazon. This feature places products at the top of a user’s Amazon search for particular products or categories. Depending on the client, we may choose to customize the targeting or employ Amazon automatic targeting for certain products.

Niche Website PPC

Certain industries have popular websites that offer pay-per-click advertising opportunities. Our agency will analyze the web traffic, cost per click, cost per impression, desired CPA, and other factors to determine if these websites are a viable option for our clients.

Whatever your PPC goals are, call us today for more information!