Fractional CMO Services

Fractional CMO services provide small and mid-sized business owners with a cost-effective solution for adding executive leadership and expertise to their marketing team without the same financial investment normally incurred by bringing on a seasoned C-Suite executive.

By hiring a fractional CMO, small and medium-sized businesses can leverage the high-level ideation, expertise,  data analysis, forecasting, and guidance provided by an experienced marketing executive. WiT Group provides fractional CMO services to businesses in a variety of different capacities.

fractional cmo reviewing data and preparing forecasts for client



Chief marketing officers work carefully to guide design teams and to curate the creative work that powers company branding, ad campaigns, and long-term brand value. Fractional CMO services ensure deliverables meet company standards and work towards company objectives.



Our fractional CMO services will evaluate current marketing strategies and will identify the best solutions for ongoing marketing success. From traditional advertising to digital marketing, our executive-level experience will take your marketing efforts to the next level!


Executive-level expertise offers strategic solutions and high-level ideation that ensures marketing efforts are successful as well as align with sales and operations efforts. WiT Group’s fractional CMO services interpret data and provide forecasting for company leadership.



Hiring a CMO is an excellent way to ensure the highest quality in a business’s marketing efforts. However, doing so isn’t always financially feasible — especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Rather than hiring a chief marketing officer full-time, companies can elect to hire a fractional CMO to help take charge of their in-house teams and marketing efforts. An outsourced CMO will help with the following: 

  • Giving high-level ideation on marketing strategy
  • Interpreting data and trends
  • Producing reports and forecasting
  • Reviewing and approving marketing collateral
  • Ensuring brand coherence and strategy
  • Guiding small marketing teams 
  • Consulting with leadership team

WiT Group provides fractional CMO services for a number of our clients, providing expert guidance to ensure the most effective marketing campaigns. By relying on our expertise, our clients see significant cost savings in annual salary and benefits they would typically pay to a full-time CMO. With those savings, they can allocate more of their budget to implementing marketing campaigns with the same level of expertise and guidance they’d get through a full-time hire.

fractinoal cmo reviewing reports and preparing forecasts


At WiT Group, our team has decades of combined marketing experience just waiting to be added to your team. Through our fractional CMO services, we help SMBs save money while enjoying the same level of expertise they’d receive when hiring a full-time marketing executive.

  1.  Fractional CMO services typically SAVE expenses for clients.
  2. Peace of mind knowing your marketing efforts are efficient.
  3. Greater results with synergistic and cohesive marketing strategies.
  4. The benefit of the marketing experience without the overhead.

Not only adept at identifying the best marketing strategies for each client’s unique business objectives, but our fractional CMOs also leverage a wealth of management consulting experience, vendor relationships, and experience with systems integrations and process optimization. Contact us to get started today!