Web Development Services

Creating and maintaining a web presence is crucial for any business’ success. Not only do brands need expertly developed websites, but they also need sites that are optimized for search engines, user intent, and cross-device functionality. WiT Group’s creative agency provides the web development services companies need to increase site traffic, conversions, and revenue. Connect with our team to start building your website today!

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Our Approach to Web Development



Many web developers will junk up sites with custom CSS, but these practices can do more harm than good — especially in terms of site load speed. WiT Group prioritizes simplicity, creating stunning, custom-tailored sites without the need for additional CSS.


One of the biggest boons to professional web development is creating a site that’s responsive and optimized for user intent. Our team ensures every site we develop offers a truly responsive user experience, guiding visitors easily through the consumer journey.


Websites should function the same way across a multitude of different devices. WiT’s web development experts understand the need to extensive quality assurance, taking the time to ensure every site is fully functional from desktop and mobile to tablets and more.


The biggest mistake a brand can make is creating a website that blends in with the crowd. At WiT, our creative team works carefully to deliver websites that aren’t just responsive and optimized, but that exude creativity from graphic design to key messaging.

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Websites Built to Last

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Creating a stunning website isn’t all that companies need to direct customers to their products and services. They also need a team that’s willing and able to provide ongoing maintenance and optimization in order to continue meeting the changing demands of their consumers. From managed hosting to search engine optimization, WiT Group goes above and beyond the call of duty that’s typically expected of a web development firm.

Our creative agency develops responsive, high-quality, creative websites that expertly guide target audiences through the consumer journey. Every aspect of our web development services is strategically designed to assist in helping our clients reach their overarching business objectives. Get the web development services you need to bring your brand to new heights by contacting WiT Group today!


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While other creative agencies may choose to use other web development platforms, our agency swears by using WordPress to build all of our clients’ sites. By selecting our web development services and building a website in WordPress, clients benefit from:

• Enhanced SEO-friendliness with out-of-the-box integrations aimed at helping websites rise the ranks of the world’s most powerful search engines
• Decreased costs thanks to strategically developed plugins and themes that are easily integrated at a negligible cost to the client
• Scalable and modular web development with an easily-accessible network of customer support professionals
• Easy blogging capabilities seamlessly integrated at any point in the web development process

Our team takes a deeply personalized approach to every web development project we take on, providing custom-tailored solutions aimed at earning our clients tangible results — whatever it takes. Get started with building your breathtaking website by contacting WiT Group’s expert development team today.