Financial Advisor Training Institute

WiT Group revamped Financial Advisor Training Institute’s (FATI) website to enhance visibility and exposure, prioritizing lead generation. Our team built a modern, intuitive site with strategic elements like on-site and cross-domain tracking, heat mapping, dedicated automation, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations. This transformation included adjusting the color palette to boost brand trustworthiness, employing a distributed content strategy, and adopting an atomic design approach to allow the site to evolve over time. With responsive design and optimized backend processes, the user experience improved significantly, especially on mobile devices. Complex tracking mechanisms and CRM integrations allow users a more personalized application process, positioning FATI as a premier financial advisor training platform.

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Our Process


FATI suffered from a lack of online visibility, diminishing its capacity to attract prospective students. The initial emphasis on lead generation highlighted the need for a comprehensive website redesign to refine the training platform and enhance the overall user experience. The website needed to communicate with Go High Level – the client’s CRM system – to send and receive information about applicants and their progress.


Our primary goal was to create a redesigned website aligned with a strategic plan to attract eligible enrollments through Google Ads and organic search. This involved optimizing the website for conversions by implementing on-site and cross-domain tracking, heat mapping, and touchpoint tracking, all geared towards enhancing the overall user experience and capturing inbound leads effectively. All data captured would then need to be accurately reflected in Go High Levels system and notify each dedicated admissions professional based on the user’s unique application.


Collaborating closely with FATI, we developed an inbound lead generation strategy. We identified the website redesign as crucial for improving conversion rates and, alternatively, a path to a more optimized website, bolstering organic traffic. The redesigned website reflects FATI’s commitment to excellence in financial education and is designed to be modern, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive.


Transformation and Trustworthiness

Recognizing the importance of trust in the education and financial space, we strategically adjusted the color palette, adopted a distributed content strategy, and elevated the web design to expand FATI’s brand trustworthiness. These measures significantly contributed to enhancing the overall image of the institute.

Color Palette

The website’s color palette experienced strategic adjustments to convey trustworthiness and professionalism. The predominant use of blue aimed to instill trust, while strategically placed orange highlights engaged users for enhanced interaction. This thoughtful color scheme contributed to a visually appealing design. The use of orange as a primary CTA was fueled by significant data supporting its effectiveness as a CTA color. Alongside this change- the website was designed to limit the use of orange, reserving it only for primary CTAs and placing the color as the primary focus for every screen it appears on.


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SEO Friendly Web Design

The new website applied modern Search Engine Optimization strategies, emphasizing the implementation of best practices for optimal online visibility. Developing the site to support and enforce the standardization of net new content; the website redesign ensures all present and future content follows basic SEO standards. The redesigned structure, vibrant color palette, and intuitive navigation contribute to a modern and user-friendly design, pushing users further into the site and ultimately converting. Incorporating on-site and cross-domain tracking and heat mapping allowed our team to refine the website month after month to reflect user intent and improve the user experience.

Backend Processes


In enhancing the backend processes, FATI’s website now features a robust system that facilitates seamless communication between marketing platforms and the institute’s CRM system. Complex tracking mechanisms were implemented to monitor user interactions effectively. Our Team then takes this data and improves the customer journey to capture more applicants. Integrating the website with Go High Level ensures precise tracking of the application funnel and each applicant’s status, streamlining processes and contributing to the overall efficiency of lead generation and FATI’s admissions team.

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Paid Advertising Management

The redesigned website significantly enhanced the implementation of Google Ads, creating a more streamlined and effective approach to our paid advertising strategies. This transformation aimed to optimize the site for eligible enrollments and boost conversion rates while fostering an improved user experience. Our strategic efforts extended to other platforms, such as LinkedIn, where dedicated conversational ads were carefully developed. The results were impressive, with the advertising campaign experiencing a remarkable 235% conversion surge. This success emphasizes the impactful connection between the website redevelopment and our broader advertising initiatives.


The Financial Advisor Training Institute saw improvements in getting noticed online and attracting potential students after WiT Group redesigned their website. The new site is easier to use, especially on phones, and looks more trustworthy. By changing colors and how content is presented, FATI’s website now gives off a more professional vibe. Behind the scenes, they set up systems to track how people use the site and manage applications more smoothly. Their online ads also did much better, with a huge increase in people signing up. This shows that the changes made a real difference in bringing in new students and making FATI stand out as a top place for financial advisor training.
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