Innovative Nutrition

Innovative Nutrition needed to create a digital presence and digital marketing to generate leads and bolster their nutritionist service-based business. Through the use of web design, SEO strategy, targeted PPC ads, and social media marketing, Innovative Nutrition was able to increase website traffic by 1000x and reach new clients in Charlotte. The website was designed to emphasize the naturalistic qualities of the brand, and ads were targeted in order to capture and retain potential clients. All of these techniques worked together to increase brand visibility and generate leads for Innovative Nutrition’s in-person services.

a laptop displaying the redesigned website of innovative nutrition

Modern Website Design

a laptop displaying the innovative nutrition website redesign, the foundation for digital marketing
a laptop displaying the innovative nutrition website redesign
a laptop displaying the innovative nutrition website redesign used for digital marketing

Our Process


Innovative Nutrition lacked the digital marketing and presence needed to source leads digitally and re-enforce their nutritionist service-based business. Adding a new source of awareness to the business was a driving point to meeting Innovative Nutrition’s growth goals, and establishing the brand’s presence in the Charlotte NC market.


To design a website that emphasizes the approachable, professional, & medically focused approach of Innovative Nutrition. Utilizing the unique company branding, our agency was tasked to build a beautiful modern website that incorporated bright vibrant brand colors. Our team also needed to define the target market and developed social messaging to capture and retain new clients.


To refine the Innovative Nutrition brand using colors found naturally in imagery to accent the brand’s vibrant light green, uniquely used as a sitewide CTA color. Design, develop, and launch a net new website to capture new business for the brand through a tightly integrated SEO and UX strategy. Our team also developed digital marketing strategies including PPC and social marketing, to reach a substantially larger audience than the brand could previously.


UX Web Design

Innovative Nutrition’s original website lacked a consistent SEO strategy and overall didn’t convey the validity needed to drive consistent sign-ups for in-person service. The structure of the navigation and site overall lacked a clear view into the services and points of conversion for clients to reach their intended goals quickly with the information they needed.


2 screens showing the old and new innovation nutrition website used for digital marketing

SEO Implemented Web Design

The new website utilized deeper imagery, colors, and structure to convey a stronger sense of validation around the nutrition services offered by Innovative Nutrition. A main objective was to expand on the service pages, building each of them out to their own fully realized page. This greatly improved the potential for clients to quickly find the services/information they were looking for organically. Clients were much more likely to land on a page dedicated to the service they were searching for, leading them further down the sales funnel and much closer to becoming a conversion. These service pages also acted as landing pages for focused, quality digital marketing. From a strictly SEO perspective, the new pages functioned as more opportunities to show up in Google search results for highly specific searches closely related to the services offered, leading to a much higher number of leads and a higher percentage of qualified leads.

Google Ads Management


Digital marketing for the new website was essential to the brand’s success. Focusing campaigns on local nutritionists and nutrition-based services was required as all of the company’s services required either in-person visits with a nutritionist or the delivery of perishable meals that would not survive shipping or prolonged exposure to higher temperatures. Aiming the ads to the local area allowed Innovative Nutrition to compete with larger nutritionist firms without a budget comparable to the larger nutrition-based companies that dominate the state and national market.

digital marketing - google ads