Paid Social Media Advertising

If you think advertising on social media has become harder in recent years, you are not alone! Not only have recent privacy and security concerns and dissolved data sharing practices made social media advertising more difficult, but organic visibility is nearly impossible without paid advertising strategy. Paid social media advertising can be crucial for direct-to-consumer advertising, especially for eCommerce businesses. Understanding how to navigate the complexities of Meta advertising requires a trained professional in order to maximize ROAS. Connect with us to get started with our results-driven paid social media advertising services!

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Our Approach to Paid Social


Many brands fail to develop landing pages optimized for conversions to complement their paid social campaigns. At WiT Group, we ensure each social ad is directed to the appropriate landing page, curate content, and ensure we earn the best results.


Depending on how a company has pursued organic social media growth, they’ll likely need in-depth targeting strategy to reach the right audience. WiT Group’s team uses sophisticated targeting techniques based on geography, interests, and key demographics for the most impactful campaigns.


It’s important for companies to understand the end goal of their paid social media advertising campaigns and bid accordingly. Our team listens carefully to each of our clients’ social media objectives, optimizing our bidding strategy to deliver the most cost-effective and powerful campaigns.


Without the right tracking measures in place, brands lose the opportunity to measure their campaign’s performance. At WiT Group, we place UTM codes in all ads to provide measurable ROI for all paid social media ad campaigns we deploy, allowing us to compare, contrast, and find what works.

Effective Paid Social Campaigns

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Effective paid social media advertising requires a thorough understanding; not only of the social media landscape but of the business as a whole. When clients approach our agency for paid social media services, we begin the conversation by trying to identify where past efforts may have gone astray of best practices. The following are some of the major reasons that we know can lead to social advertising failure:

  • Ineffective Targeting: If a brand has built up it’s organic following through paid followers, friends, and family, but are still using lookalike audiences to target their campaigns, this can negatively affect the outcome of their marketing efforts.
  • Lackluster Content: Sometimes the postscript and graphics used in a given campaign just don’t resonate the way they should with the target audience, which is why it’s important for brands to have a creative team at their disposal.
  • Subject Matter: Some companies just aren’t the right match for social media marketing but would benefit more from search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization, and SEO services.
  • Value Proposition: Lack of a clear value proposition can be incredibly detrimental to a paid social media advertising campaign.

Our marketing agency carefully analyzes each of our client’s past paid social efforts to identify unique opportunities for maximizing results moving forward. We help ensure every aspect of our client’s paid social media campaigns are optimized for the highest rate of success. Connect with our team to get the results you seek from paid social today!


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Our team is dedicated to driving measurable results for every client who comes to us for paid social media services. By choosing us, our team will:

  • Analyze past efforts to identify unique opportunities for optimization
  • Align the overarching social media strategy with our client’s business objectives
  • Employ sophisticated tracking techniques to provide measurable ROI
  • Create custom, branded content that resonates with our client’s target market

Through our paid social media advertising services, our team has helped clients see a significant increase in their bottom line. We develop stunning campaigns that drive increased site traffic, conversions, and — most importantly — sales. Start earning the results you’re after on social media by connecting with our team today!