Delarkin builds custom mattress replacements, specifically for RVs and Campers. After 12 months and a very significant investment into a failed marketing strategy, Delarkin had not sold a single mattress online. With a great product and a proven track record in sales and customer service, our agency knew the problem revolved around Delarkin’s marketing efforts.

Where we started.

Delarkin’s lack of online sales was a combination of many subtle factors. After working with multiple advertising agencies and seeing nearly zero results, owner RH Delaney was beginning to doubt the effectiveness of online marketing. During initial conversations with our agency we were able to identify 4 key areas that needed to be addressed.

  1. The advertising channels being used to drive traffic to the website.
  2. The need for more content on the website.
  3. A shift in branding away from a whimsical graphic design style.
  4. a functional website that offered a better shopping experience and financing.

Previous geo-fencing campaigns had proved ineffective, mainly because they had targeted prospective clients during the early stages of purchasing an RV or Camper – which was not inline with the decision to purchase a replacement mattress. It was determined that a website overhaul, redesign, and search engine optimization would provide the best result for the least amount of budget. Our team got to work.

Timeline: 6 weeks.

delarkin original web design graphical rv

Quick Plan of Action

Our agency began with the basics; information architecture, newly revised web copy, fresh flat designs, and keyword research.  The new website would appeal to it’s target audience with real pictures and a welcoming, comfortable feel. Our company used the newly adopted strategies and the refreshed content to build a striking responsive website, fully optimized for search engines and the eCommerce SEO that would drive interested buyers to the website. Within 4 weeks the website was ready for launch. However, without utilizing paid acquisition channels this strategy would take time to take affect and our team was determined to get the results our client was working for. As the site climbed the search engine ranks, our team guided Delarkin through the process of writing informative blog articles about the benefits of their products, helpful industry insights, and advice for RV owners looking for a more restful sleep. As the content added up and the website grew, so did the traffic and eventually, so did the sales.

New Strategies. Amazing Results

From branding, to pricing strategy, to channel marketing our agency consulted with Delarkin every step of the way. Even in the middle of a global pandemic, Delarkin saw an 800% increase in web traffic and over 1000% increase in sales. From a company with nearly zero revenue from a five figure quarterly marketing budget, to consistent predictable online sales for nearly no budget at all, our marketing efforts resulted in a 10X ROI over a 5 month period. As the search engine optimization proved effective our agency began developing PPC ad campaigns for Delarkin. As a pay-for-performance client, Delarkin was profitable from the very first sale and has only paid WiT Group based on a commission of the profits we have driven for the company. 

Brand Growth Through Better Marketing Strategy

In addition to listing these products on over 100 different websites including Google Shopping, WiT also recommended the company begin selling mattresses on Amazon. Through increased sales and continued month-over-month improvement, Delarkin is growing to become a nationally recognized brand within the RV and Camper mattress space. Delarkin is now expanding its product lines to include custom RV mattresses, Type-C mattress replacements, mattresses for boats and planes, and even standard King, Queen, and Twin mattresses for people’s homes.

“After other agencies were unable to deliver on their promises I decided to work with WIT group. They have been fantastic communicators who have established and delivered on reasonable expectations. It was a great decision!”

RH Delaney

Owner, Delarkin RV & Camper Mattress