Trade Show & Convention Planning with WiT

Being present at trade shows and conventions is one of the most effective ways for companies to reach new clients and increase brand authority. At Wit Group, our team has years of experience setting our clients up for success at their trade shows and conventions. We help clients plan and prepare every step of the way, supporting their efforts through digital marketing, promotional products, company collateral, and much more. Contact us today to get started with our trade show and convention planning services.


Venue Planning & Logistics

From venue selection to registration, our team handles the logistics of our clients’ trade shows and conventions for a smooth and simple process. We’ll identify the opportunities that most closely align with our clients’ business objectives and target consumers to ensure their presence at the most prestigious convention spaces.

Exhibitor Booth Services

Our creative team will develop a stunning exhibitor booth that draws consumer attention and increases convention foot traffic for our clients. From pop-ups and backdrops to brochures and business cards, our team delivers the materials necessary for our clients to have a successful and memorable trade show experience. 

Graphic Design & Printing

We help bolster brand impressions and authority with promotional products and company collateral to hand out during events. Our design team can create virtually any promotional product imaginable, including T-shirts, drinkware, tote bags, branded USBs, and more to help our clients make an impact at their next event. 

Digital Marketing

Prior to our clients’ conventions, we’ll develop a digital marketing strategy to inform and engage with their target audience before and after the event. Through our strategic marketing efforts, we’ll create buzz around our clients’ upcoming events to increase foot traffic and one-on-one consumer interactions. 


marketing agency employees walking around a convention

Industries of all types hold trade shows and conventions to help brands network with potential clients and other professionals in their field. Not only an excellent way to bolster meaningful interactions, having a trade show presence communicates a level of professionalism and authority within a specific industry. Conventions offer a great opportunity for brands to promote their goods and services by holding informational sessions at their exhibitor booths, handing out company collateral, and making a lasting impression by distributing promotional products.

Our marketing agency provides each of our clients with the roadmap for trade show and convention planning success through our holistic approach. From venue selection and registration to graphic design and digital marketing, our team will develop the winning strategy necessary for a smooth, simple, and successful trade show experience. Contact us today to get started with our trade show and convention planning services!


At WiT, our team does whatever it takes to ensure our clients’ trade show and convention experience is as stress-free and successful as possible. Our marketing experts are dedicated to creating a customized plan that includes the following key services:

  • Researching relevant trade shows and conventions within clients’ industries
  • Identifying venues for hosting trade shows and conventions
  • Exhibitor booth planning and design
  • Graphic design, promotional products, and company collateral
  • Digital marketing development and strategy

Through our trade show and convention planning efforts, our team has been able to earn millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. As a commission-based marketing agency, WiT is only successful when our clients’ expectations are met. Start planning ahead for your next trade show or convention by contacting WiT about our service offerings today.