Company Collateral Services with WiT

Company collateral involves a mixed media strategy created to improve sales and increase revenue. WiT Group specializes in creating marketing collateral that earns brands the results they seek. Contact us today to get started with our company collateral services!



Concept & Consultation

Our team will help develop a high-level idea in tandem with our clients’ internal teams to identify the marketing materials needed for sales success. Taking the information gathered through our initial consultation, our creative experts will get to work developing the collateral best suited for helping our clients meet their business goals.

Creative Briefing & Information

Once a concept is agreed upon, we’ll take it to the next level, providing a detailed and actionable briefing for collateral creation. We listen carefully to our clients’ branding requirements, covering everything from graphic design to key messaging to ensure we maintain their unique brand identity through all marketing deliverables.

Review & Approval

Only after receiving final approval from our clients’ internal teams will we deliver the finalized marketing collateral solutions previously agreed upon. WiT’s strategic marketing experts will help grow a community of loyal consumers and increase brand interactions through meticulous content delivery and planning.  


content developers typing on laptops for marketing agency

In the past, a simple brochure was all that most companies used to satisfy their marketing collateral needs. However, today’s multimedia universe demands a powerful presence both offline and online in order to help brands guide the consumer journey and generate revenue. The following forms of marketing collateral can go a long way in helping companies achieve their business objectives:

  • Founder Biographies
  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • eBooks & Downloadable Guides
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Product Guides & Catalogs
  • And much more!

From direct mail to website design, the marketing experts at WiT will do whatever it takes to position our clients’ products and services at the forefront of consumers’ minds. We’ll develop the company collateral needed to increase sales and revenue, using results-driven strategies and industry best practices proven to influence consumer behavior. Contact our team today to get started with building your company collateral!


When brands choose WiT as their marketing collateral partners, they’re selecting a team of seasoned professionals with a proven track record for earning tangible results. As a commission-based marketing agency, our team is only as successful as the company collateral we create. We’ll work closely with our clients’ internal teams to:

  • Identify what marketing collateral is needed to drive increased sales and conversions
  • Strategize how to most effectively communicate with their target audience
  • Develop visually stunning creative content to help guide the consumer journey

Our creative, customized company collateral approach covers everything needed for achieving sales success, including web design, content development, social media marketing, and more. Get the competitive edge your company deserves by contacting us today about our marketing collateral services.