Web development done well covers many details across multiple disciplines, from design to technical SEO so it’s important to find an experienced professional. We designed a website and implemented an SEO strategy focused on an entirely new blog. Leveraging original content and optimized site structure to generate qualified leads digitally and allow the lawyers at CMLAW-NC to focus on their cases. Our clients were thrilled with the aesthetics and the performance.

2 screens showing the redesigned cmlaw website

Our Process


CMLAW-NC engaged WiT Group with an underperforming website. CMLAW was using a simple one-page WordPress site to maintain an online presence, the issue was that the site wasn’t performing well SEO-wise, simply existing out on the web and driving virtually no traffic. They needed web development to make a site that functions as a validating factor for the brand, as criminal defense law is incredibly competitive, and as a new lead source. Robert Colbert- the owner of CMLAW-NC was busy working cases leaving no time for traditional lead generation, the goal was to make the website the new lead generator.


Design, develop, and market a new website that expands the 1-page site into a fully structured beautiful website with the potential to compete for organic traffic in Charlotte, NC. This includes creating a net-new blog section and writing monthly SEO-optimized articles to earn higher reach and click-through Google searches.


Our short-term strategy was to design a website that adds validation to the CMLAW brand for better outreach efforts and to raise conversion rates. Long-term web development goals included the blog section and consistent optimized posts to the blog helping the site to rank for better and more searches. The site took over the outreach efforts by driving qualified leads to the business without the need for cold calling.

SEO Integrated Web Development & Design

The color choices incorporated into the site are specifically selected to instill a sense of calm into the viewer. The decision to emphasize a calm tone throughout the web development was determined based on the mindset of the typical user, someone in criminal or legal trouble. This type of law leads people to be panicked, distressed, and worry for themselves or their loved ones, having a calming effect on them will help the user feel safe in working with CMLAW giving them the notion that they have found a solution to their legal troubles.

a phone displaying the mobile version of the cmlaw website
2 tablets displaying the website redesign of CMLAW
a phone displaying the website redesign of CMLAW
3 phones displaying the website redesign of CMLAW