TDi Technologies

TDi Technologies is the first solution provider to offer a unified system for operations and cyber security. TDi needed to recruit top talent to help their company grow yet they desired high quality applications at a higher frequency.

The Process

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TDi Technologies, operating in a very niche industry, was seeking equally niche employees. Experiencing a growing need for highly functional employees as market demand increased, TDi Technologies needed a short term and long term solution to the underperforming hiring and recruitment strategy.

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To develop a strategic LinkedIn campaign to target highly specialized communities of professionals who possessed the desired technical and professional skills and the desired experience level. skills. Developing long and short term campaigns to achieve immediate results and continuing success in the future. 

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TDi desired young professionals age 22-28 who lived in the immediate market to join their team. The company also desired to recruit a diverse range of new hires to build diversity and inclusion within the company.

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Short term: Branding the company on platforms such as LinkedIn through an increase in post frequency and a careful attention to quality and subject matter shaped the perception of the company in the eyes of young professionals. Simultaneously the company would leverage connections with independent lead coding communities and develop multiple postings to reach the optimal number of qualified professionals. 

Long term: Enhance brand image through fresh professionally designed advertisements to reach the local Texas University students and young professionals interested in technology. Offering exclusive internships to graduating seniors also led to an improved hiring pipeline.