Media Buying Services with WiT

Media buyers help execute advertising strategies from initial research to placement and analysis. Our advertising agency has years of experience providing media buying services that have helped our clients reach new heights. Set your next ad campaign up for success by contacting us about our media buying services today.


TV & Radio

Our team will help identify the TV and radio stations best suited for each client’s advertising campaign, aiding in content creation, price negotiation, and placement. Leveraging our connections at the leading TV networks and radio stations, we’ll secure the most desirable spot for our clients at an affordable rate.


The creative marketing experts at WiT Group work closely with our clients to develop eye-catching billboards that drive increased revenue. We help identify the best placement opportunities, securing billboard ads that offer the most exposure for the highest rate of return on our clients’ ad investment. 

Print & Direct Mail

Our marketing agency will develop a direct mail and print marketing strategy that uses demographic information to easily build a relationship with our clients’ target consumers. Through our broad network of industry professionals, we’ll negotiate rates and identify the most effective collateral for each campaign.  


Skilled at both traditional advertising and digital marketing, WiT Group offers pay-per-click placement to earn brands increased impressions and conversions. Through our combined marketing efforts, we’ll develop the most impactful campaign to increase revenue for our clients.


content developers typing on laptops for marketing agency

Media buying is a strategic planning process that involves calculated research, creative content development, and skilled negotiation to secure the best campaign rates. The right media buy can make the difference between a strong ROI on a client’s advertising campaign and an ad set that fails to drive results. Not only does media buying require meticulous planning and creative design, but marketing experts must also have easy access to a network of available platforms that can support the campaign in question.

At WiT, our team does whatever it takes to get our clients the most impactful media buy available. From TV and radio to billboards and digital marketing, there’s no media option our team can’t pursue to earn our clients the results they seek. Get your brand the attention and revenue it deserves by contacting us about our media buying services today!


media buying strategists researching the best way to market a company


a wit employee designing a type of to media buy

Our team creates customized experiences for each of our clients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and identify the best media buying strategy for their business goals. We work closely with our clients’ in-house teams to collaborate on creative development, key messaging, and understand their ad placement expectations. Our media buying services include: 

  • Initial research into clients’ target audience and media buying opportunities
  • Analysis of marketplace and brand competition
  • Campaign price negotiations and ad placement
  • Ad performance evaluation and execution

WiT is a commission-based marketing agency, meaning our clients only pay for media buying services that earn them results. We act as an extension of our clients’ brands, identifying each company’s differentiating factors and tailoring our media buying strategy to perfectly align with their needs. Increase brand awareness, conversions, and revenue by contacting WiT about our media buying services today!