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After the pandemic shutdowns put a pause on marketing efforts, Search Solution Group’s search visibility in the recruitment industry needed a jump start. The company had previously dominated organic and paid acquisition channels leading to steady and predictable sales revenue from inbound marketing efforts. Our agency provided strategic consulting services to improve inbound lead generation through search marketing and CRO/UX web design.

the search solution seo optimized website displayed on a monitor

Our Process


We quickly determined the root cause of the firm’s declining search performance as stagnant content on the website. Coupled with an aging website design and an ad account that had not been optimally managed for months, our team consulted with company leadership and the newly appointed marketing director to identify the key opportunities and to prioritize activities that would better adapt to the current Google best practices.


With a fresh new web design already in production, our team focused on the new website structure, conversion tracking, and ensuring the individual service pages were built using Google SEO best practices. In tandem, our agency rebuilt the Google Ad campaigns that had also stagnated over the years to transition the strategy from an antiquated “SKAG” structure to adopt a more modern responsive search ad (RSA) setup. The unique challenge of the engagement was to work with marketing leadership to steer the development of a new website that was already in production to give the company the best outcome from an organic and paid search performance standpoint. 

the search solution seo optimized website displayed on a monitor


Our agency quickly identified the necessary SEO services and improvements to be made and developed a short-term and long-term strategy to win back the firm’s Google rankings and to improve the company’s inbound search leads. In the short term, we consulted with the website developers at Search Solution Group as it pertained to developing an SEO-optimized website, conversion tracking, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Because the project was already underway there were many times that our agency needed to advise company leadership and develop solutions to problems that affected project timelines and development costs. Long-term, our agency prioritized all of the site’s pages by SEO potential and then set a plan to redevelop the content on each page in order of effectiveness to the overall SEO strategy. Lastly, our agency developed a phased approach that allowed the company to launch the website within the desired timeline, and to continue to publish well-optimized content over the following months to ensure the website adhered to the “supporting article” SEO strategy that was determined during the planning stages of the engagement.

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the search solution seo optimized website displayed on a monitor
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In December 2022 the company launched the new website as part of its phased approach. Over the next several months the team continued to produce SEO-optimized content across all the company’s areas of practice to build a dominant organic presence for the recruitment giant. Inbound leads increased by over 40% in Q1 of 2023 and continue to provide new business opportunities and profitable revenue for the company.

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Fractional CMO and Consulting Services

Consulting on Search Solution Groups in-progress website was not an easy task. As the former marketing director, company founder Josh Mangum worked closely with Greg Moores the new marketing leader with nearly a 3-year gap in between the two leaders’ tenures. As the pandemic shutdowns forced a gap in knowledge transfer, the two marketing leaders made up for lost time and gained valuable insight into the “what and why” behind many of the forgotten strategies, as well as the evolution of the company objectives in recent years. With a strong focus on improving brand image, the task of curtailing the declining search engine visibility was additionally complex. Working together, the two companies devised a plan to produce content that was helpful to users while also adhering to SEO best practices and building a dominant web presence over time. This engagement was extremely unique and, as the name implies, WiT Group was willing to do “Whatever it Takes” to make the client successful.