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WiT Group’s Triple Win at 2024 Expertise Awards

Written by Brittany Degnan

May 6, 2024

WiT Group has been awarded three 2024 Expertise awards for best content marketing, digital marketing, and advertising agencies in Charlotte, North Carolina. This marks the fourth year we have received all three awards from for Charlotte’s market. Expertise selects its award winners through a rigorous process that includes reviews, ratings, and service offerings based on the listing pages associated with the brands. We’re thrilled to have received these three accolades for four consecutive years. We remain committed to delivering exactly what our clients need, being transparent, and driving measurable results.

Breaking Down the Awards selects award winners based on a list of local businesses from public sources and referrals. They verify each business’s qualifications, including licenses and awards. Their reputation assessment is thorough, considering reviews, ratings, service offerings, and years of experience. They then conduct anonymous inquiries to evaluate professionalism and customer service standards.

Best Advertising Agency Award

As a commission-based advertising agency, our success as one of the Best Advertising Agencies showcases our commitment to the success of our clients. We helped European Machinery Services (EMS) broaden its market reach and increase visibility, resulting in significant growth of over 800%. We enhanced operational efficiency and customer interactions by leveraging targeted marketing and strategic partnerships. Our collaboration led to EMS becoming the exclusive North American distributor for brands like Anthon and Hawe. We developed a custom web application for parts search, improving user experience and functionality.
best advertising agencies in charlotte north carolina 2024

Best Digital Marketing Agency Award

Our strengths as one of the Best Digital Marketing Agencies are best illustrated through our successful website redesigns, most recently with our client, The Financial Advisor Training Institute (FATI). We designed their website, focusing on lead generation and user experience. Through strategic adjustments and seamless integration of tracking mechanisms, we boosted FATI’s visibility and conversion rates by 235%.
best digital marketing agencies in charlotte north carolina 2024

Best Content Marketing Agency Award

Our recognition as one of the Best Content Marketing Agencies is best shown through our client, Search Solution Group (SSG). Facing declining search performance, SSG turned to WiT Group for strategic consulting to refresh their inbound lead generation. Our short-term and long-term strategies significantly increased inbound leads by over 40% in Q1 of 2023.
best content marketing agencies in charlotte north carolina 2024

Behind the Scenes: Factors Contributing to Success

We are incredibly grateful to our team for their dedication and expertise, which has been instrumental in our continued success. Their collaborative efforts have propelled us forward, allowing us to maintain our path to winning this local award in Charlotte. Our team works together seamlessly with unique skills and perspectives and can deliver exceptional client results. With heartfelt thanks to each team member, we are proud to obtain these distinctions in digital marketing, content marketing, and commission-based advertising.
financial advisor training institute mobile mockup

Team Expertise and Collaboration

Our team’s dedication and collaboration have led us to win local awards in Charlotte. Introducing a pay-for-performance model in 2020 ensures our advertising remains effective. We prioritize transparent communication and strong client relationships to achieve mutual success.
search solution group website mockup

Innovation and Adaptability

In 2020, we introduced a pay-for-performance model into our digital marketing and advertising strategies. This approach has reshaped how we operate, enabling us to monitor industry trends and swiftly adapt to market changes closely. By aligning our success with our clients, we’re driven to stay updated on emerging trends and ensure our strategies remain effective. This practical approach has demonstrated the effectiveness of commission-based advertising.
debtmd desktop concept to final mockup

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients, viewing each client as a valued partner rather than just a consumer. Our transparent executive reports guarantee that clients are always informed and involved in decision-making. By maintaining a boutique agency mindset, we can fully understand and immerse ourselves in the brands we work with, fostering strong and collaborative relationships built on trust and mutual success.

Gratitude and Recognition

We’re grateful to for recognizing WiT Group. Thanks to our clients for their trust and partnership. Huge appreciation to our team for their hard work. Looking ahead, we’re committed to maintaining high standards and innovation. We’re proud of our achievements and ready for more. Connect with WiT Group for your marketing needs and achieve success together.
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Brittany Degnan


Brittany Degnan is a PR and Brand Manager for WiT Group and works out of the Columbia SC office.
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