How to Optimize Your Company’s Visibility for AI

Written by Josh Mangum

January 26, 2023

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapid, with many experts predicting that it will soon replace Google as the primary search engine. AI is becoming increasingly advanced, allowing for smarter and faster searches that can provide more accurate results than traditional methods. Businesses need to be cognizant of how they can optimize their company for AI search the same way they have been optimizing their web presence for search engines for the past 25 years. As these chatbots and AI-assisted virtual assistants become smarter, it is important for businesses to ensure that their online presence is optimized for discovery by AI in order to stay visible and relevant in the very near future. 

By leveraging AI chatbots such as Chat GPT and Jasper AI, individuals and companies alike have the ability to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Here are some key strategies for optimizing your company’s visibility for Artificial Intelligence– enabling it to provide individuals with the correct information about your business and be found via AI.

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Optimizing Your Content for AI Chat Bots


As individuals and businesses alike begin to utilize AI chatbots to conduct research and aid in tasks that require research, copywriting, and discovery, the information that will be used to inform artificial intelligence will be gleaned from sources across the web and beyond. Because AI chatbots can understand questions even if they are asked in natural language rather than specific keyword phrases, the answers to people’s questions will become increasingly specific and personalized. Semantic SEO that was previously aimed at discovery and voice search with Google will become that much more important as time progresses. AI chat systems are also better able to recognize when words or phrases are used interchangeably and will provide appropriate answers accordingly. Soon, conversational search powered by AI will allow companies to personalize content based on user responses—enabling customers to receive much more relevant and helpful information faster than ever before.

The good news is that companies and marketing agencies whom have been working to optimize content for voice search have already begun optimizing for AI. Keep in mind that RankBrain, Google’s artificial intelligence that originally was intended to manage new never-before searched queries, now represents over 15% of the algorithm. Google has developed the most advanced algorithm in the world and has maintained it for decades, however, it may be time for SEO companies to consider preparing for the age of AI.


Make Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

When it comes to optimizing your online presence for AI chatbots, one of the most important aspects is natural language processing (NLP). NLP is a type of artificial intelligence that enables machines to understand human language and respond accordingly. Taking some time to train an AI system or device with various input sentences will allow it to learn and respond appropriately to the individual. This ability to process natural language on a personal level will allow searchers to ask specific questions in their own unique way, allowing for more specific questions and personalized answers.


The Importance of Accuracy and Consistency 

It is incredibly important for companies to make sure their information is accurate and consistent across the web. This includes social media accounts, websites, and any other platform where people can access information about their business. Google will index a company’s website among other features, but AI will index the entire world wide web, and if the information isn’t consistent, AI will be misinformed causing potential customers to be misinformed. 

Having inaccurate or inconsistent information can affect how potential customers view a business and cause them to lose out on potential leads and sales. Additionally, AI’s ability to learn an individual’s preferences wil lead to more specific searches, so more specific available information is needed to succeed in AI search.

Instead of searching for “Pizza Nearby” on a search engine line Google, one might expect a search such as; “best new york style pizza in Charlotte NC based on my past reviews”. Accurate and consistent information on all online platforms allows AI systems to accurately understand a businesses service offerings and details about the services or products offered.


Searches are More Specific than Ever 

In addition to improving accuracy, businesses also need to keep an eye on how people are asking questions – both now and in the future. As more users begin using AI-powered chatbots from inside their homes or through mobile devices, individuals will start asking more tailored questions based on previous activities or interests. To stay competitive, companies need to adjust their strategies accordingly – making sure they are present when consumers search for them.

Optimizing for AI will utilize many of the same techniques that we’re already using for devices like Alexa and Google Assistant, however at an entirely new level. For example, a marketing director at a large company who is searching for an agency to help with marketing may have previously searched for “Marketing Agencies in Charlotte NC” on search engines like Google. However, in the age of AI that same marketing director may search for “Find the best digital marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina for inbound advertising” which requires a far more sophisticated answer than voice search can currently provide. Voice search typically gives simple answers and search results, whereas interactive AI will take into account all of the different ways that an individual can search. 

These intelligent tools are able to understand natural language queries, allowing users to get more accurate results faster than ever before. By understanding user intent, AI chatbots can be used to optimize content and provide personalized answers and recommendations—making them an invaluable resource for businesses looking to remain competitive in the digital space.

Your company’s information will either be found by chatbots or not, and it will dictate your success or failure as a business in the very near future. This inevitable change to AI is going to be comparable to the success of Google in the early 2000s, so it’s essential to optimize for AI as soon as possible


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“Using AI Chatbots for Optimization (AI for SEO for AI)


The Impact of AI on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses today, as an entire online presence – and not just a website – is now necessary in order to remain competitive. As AI chatbots become smarter and can understand more complex queries, people will expect companies to have accurate and consistent information across all of their online channels. If this is not present, AI will be misinformed and companies could suffer as a result. Digital marketing agencies will also begin utilizing AI to produce advertising copy, social media posts, and even design work. 

It is important for businesses to understand that Google and other search engines have consistently warned about AI-produced content, advising that measures are being taken to detect and punish ai developed content.


The Rising Difficulty of SEO Due to AI Chat Bots

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly more difficult due to the emergence of AI-developed content. Currently, it is very difficult for search engines to detect when content is developed by AI versus real human beings, giving an unfair advantage to companies who have been leveraging these tools for the past several years.

However, this technology also has its drawbacks—namely that it makes being found more difficult for companies who are not leveraging it properly. For example, voice search powered by AI chatbots requires websites to have content that is optimized for natural language questions rather than specific keywords – something which traditional SEO tactics may not be equipped to handle.  Companies, therefore, need to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends if they want their sites to remain visible and competitive in search.

Search engines such as Google have also begun taking measures to penalize sites that abuse AI chatbots and copywriting tools to create content automatically without human interaction. Google specifically has warned against using AI to write content for SEO purposes and gaining search engine visibility.


The Need for Human Editing of AI-Generated Content

The use of artificial intelligence to generate content has rapidly become common, offering companies a low-cost and efficient way to automate their content production. However, it is important to note that even though AI can be useful in creating content quickly, humans still need to review and edit the generated material before it can be published online. 

To ensure that any AI-generated content passes the originality test, human editors should review and modify all material before publishing. This includes reviewing all text for spelling and grammar mistakes, making sure that the natural language flow makes sense to actual human readers, and is interesting enough to capture readers’ attention. Furthermore, it is essential that editors double-check each word to make sure that they are professional and appropriate for your target audience.

“Human touch is still needed, for now!”

Using AI technology to generate content is a great way of increasing efficiency and streamlining processes. However, it should never replace the critical eye of an experienced human editor when preparing material for publication online. With proper editing of AI-generated texts, businesses can publish web-ready material which meets both their quality standards as well as those set by search engines such as Google.


AI has the potential to completely revolutionize how people search for businesses, services, and and products. The answers they find will be determined by a non-human intelligence for the first time in our history —making it essential for companies to utilize AI to stay competitive. With the proper implementation of AI-powered tools and techniques, companies can achieve higher levels of success online while staying one step ahead of their competitors.

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