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LinkedIn Success: The Power of Posting and Engaging

Written by Brittany Degnan

April 26, 2024

LinkedIn’s professional network necessitates comprehending the relationship between posting and engagement to propel your business forward. Explore the sophisticated strategies accomplished by LinkedIn users to amplify their reach, fortify their authority, and foster connections of genuine value. Success is about the frequency of posts and the strategic finesse applied to engagement, creating a presence that resonates within the professional community. As you venture into the world of LinkedIn, consider these insights as your strategic compass, guiding you towards a more impactful and influential online presence.

Strategic Commenting: Your Presence in the LinkedIn Community

In LinkedIn engagement, commenting strategically is key to making a lasting impact. Your comments should transcend mere acknowledgment; they must be intentional, providing value to the post author and audience. Craft each comment as a “value bomb,” offering genuine advice and insights that contribute meaningfully to the conversation. Additionally, consider repurposing your outstanding comments into standalone posts, extending the life and impact of your valuable contributions.

Building a Strong Engagement Foundation

Engaging strategically involves more than a show of interest. It’s about identifying and connecting with your audience. Shift your focus from engaging with everyone to a nuanced approach: allocate 50% of your engagement to your ideal client profile, 30% to peers and competitors, and 20% to industry thought leaders. This golden ratio ensures that your engagement efforts are directed toward those who matter most, maximizing the impact of your interactions. Leverage LinkedIn’s Search and filters function to refine your audience and enhance the quality of your engagement.

Outreach Strategically: Personalize Your Approach

Building meaningful connections on LinkedIn requires a thoughtful outreach strategy. Instead of sending connection requests and direct messages out of the blue, initiate the process by leaving insightful comments on your target’s posts for 5-10 days. This establishes familiarity and increases the likelihood of a positive response. When you do send a message, personalize your outreach—write like a human, not a robot. Show genuine interest in helping rather than selling, fostering relationships beyond transactional exchanges.
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Nurturing Relationships Through Timely Engagement

Responding to comments isn’t just a courtesy; it’s a strategic move to cultivate a supportive community around your content. Avoid the common pitfall of “post and ghost.” Acknowledge and respond to comments promptly, creating an environment where people feel appreciated and valued. Responding within 30-60 minutes after posting boosts your post’s algorithmic reach and demonstrates an active and engaged presence. Additionally, this practice sets the stage for ongoing support and meaningful conversations, establishing your profile as a hub for insightful discussions.

Always Tag to Get the Attention of Big Creators

Utilizing tags on LinkedIn is an effective strategy to grab the attention of influential creators. Most big creators have their notifications disabled, making it challenging to get noticed. However, tagging them strategically in your posts increases the likelihood of sparking conversations and gaining visibility within their network. Tags can be a powerful tool to create connections, initiate collaborations, and amplify the impact of your content. Always use tags judiciously, ensuring relevance and value in every mention.

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Spark meaningful conversations under your posts by incorporating a comment section. Don’t view comments merely as reactions; see them as opportunities to engage your audience further. Pose thought-provoking questions, share relevant URLs or calls to action, and provide additional information that adds depth to your content. Including the fire emoji not only adds emphasis but also adds a touch of visual appeal. This approach enhances your post’s visibility and establishes a dynamic and interactive space where your audience feels encouraged to contribute and engage.
LinkedIn is more than just likes and followers; it’s about creating impact, establishing authority, and building meaningful connections. The more you engage, the more you grow. Create intentional LinkedIn engagement and watch your influence and network flourish.
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Brittany Degnan


Brittany Degnan is a PR and Brand Manager for WiT Group and works out of the Columbia SC office.
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