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Three weeks ago ETA challenged WiT Group to develop an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of emergency vehicles. WiT Group, a Charlotte NC based marketing agency, completed a full website redesign including the development of custom-designed responsive web pages, a fully functional online marketplace, and a search engine optimized web platform that will lead the way for the emergency vehicle industry. The beautifully designed web platform will act as a vessel for ETA to connect buyers and sellers in the emergency vehicle industry, as well as explaining their company’s added value and additional service offerings such as; used ambulances, ambulance remounts, chief trucks, light rescues, police conversion vehicles, type II ambulances, dispatch software, vehicle graphic design, cell phones, routers, mifis, and other similar services.

WiT Group revised the content, design, site structure, and marketplace functionality to develop a seamless user experience that was optimized for all devices and search engines. By consolidating a disjointed smattering of websites, microsites, and landing pages, ETA is now able to offer the emergency vehicle industry a “one-stop-shop” for emergency vehicle sales, accessories, service, and other ancillary services. This is currently the only marketplace of its kind, offering a new level of value to the industry. The marketplace is currently the only option available for emergency vehicle liquidation that doesn’t require transaction fees, another industry first.

“WiT Group has exceeded our expectations in delivering this online marketplace. The smooth process and high level of expertise combined with the incredible level of communication resulted in the success of the project. The driving factor that makes this partnership successful is a unified vision; ETA wants to bring new and creative business operation products to the emergency services industry as well as continuing to grow our ambulance sales division. WiT has done a fantastic job as our creative partner to share in that vision, ensure the proper infrastructure has been set up, and work to achieve the desired results”

– Eric Vogl Sr & Eric Vogl II – Co-Founders of Emergency Transportation Associates, LLC

The Charlotte-based marketing agency developed the online marketplace within 3 weeks – an extremely ambitious timeline. The entire marketplace was redeveloped from end-to-end, from the information architecture to the redeveloped content, to the customized design – the entire website was reimagined. With a UX focused design and enhanced web functionality, users will now find an unprecedented value that is poised to revolutionize the emergency vehicle industry.

“This was a very challenging project, to get everything launched in 3 weeks was quite the undertaking but we are happy with the results and I am looking forward to seeing the results. For our agency, this is only the beginning – the new web platform paves the way for our pay-for-performance marketing efforts and I expect to see immediate results from this effort”

– Josh Mangum, CEO of WiT Group

ETA’s comprehensive digital marketplace is one of a kind in its industry. With the completion of this web platform, companies within the emergency services industry will now have access to a comprehensive business operation platform to assist with every aspect of running a business, including marketing, direct marketing, and more. To get things started, ETA is offering the first 30 days of a listing free to anyone who wants to list their emergency vehicle.

About Company:
Emergency Transportation Associates, LLC (ETA) is a family-owned and operated emergency vehicle sales and service business located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Established in 2019, ETA aims to revolutionize the emergency services industry by providing unmatched customer service and business operations support. The completion of this emergency vehicle sales marketplace and business operations hub is a significant milestone for ETA as well as for the emergency services industry. The newly expanded website now supplies the platform where you can connect with other EMS, Rescue Squads, Fire, and Police Departments across the United States.
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