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WiT Group Snags Gold at Viddy’s 2023 International Awards

Written by Brittany Degnan

January 26, 2024

Our agency is excited to announce that WiT Group has snagged a Viddy Gold Award at the 2023 international awards, beating out hundreds of entries for our pro bono work with OnDeck Baseball Skill and Development Academy (OnDeck BSDA). Our collaboration on their promotional video showcasing their unique training program helped OnDeck BSDA reach a record number of potential students. 

“This gold shines bright on our commitment to impactful storytelling and meaningful partnerships,” says Aidan Eaton, Creative Director and Managing Partner. “We could not be more proud of our team.” 

WiT Group Contributes to OnDeck Baseball Skill and Development Academy

OnDeck BSDA, founded by MLB Manager Mike Shildt and managed by the Hill Family since 2004, has been shaping young baseball players on and off the field since 1999. We embarked on a mission to spotlight the academy’s journey and philosophy after facing adversity in 2020 with the combined challenges of a tornado and the COVID-19 pandemic.

WiT Group produced a captivating video showcasing OnDeck’s new facility, comprehensive coaching, and emphasis on life skills beyond the game. This project, valued at $2500, was completed pro bono as a way for WiT Group to give back to the community and prepare young athletes for success.

Project Impact and Achievements

The video garnered significant attention within the first week of promotion, accumulating over 40,000 unique impressions on Facebook. The project’s key messages, emphasizing unity, family, and holistic player development, resonated with its target audience, leading to an extraordinary 834% month-over-month increase in interest in lessons and academy memberships.
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gold and platinum marcom awards
gold and platinum marcom awards

Viddy Awards: Recognizing Excellence in Video Production

The Viddy Awards, renowned as one of the most coveted honors in the video industry, received over 2,500 entries from professionals across the globe in 2023. Administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), the Viddy Awards celebrate exceptional work in various categories, including Pro Bono, where WiT Group’s project shone.

Our video surpassed industry standards, earning the esteemed Viddy Gold Award. This recognition reflects our team’s exceptional creative and production skills and amplifies the compelling story of OnDeck BSDA and its resilience in the face of challenges.


A Testament to Creativity, Excellence, and Social Impact

The Viddy Gold Award is a testament to our creative expertise, high quality videography services, and a celebration of the positive impact of collaborations like these on the community. WiT Group has earned industry recognition by blending creativity with purpose and contributed to the broader mission of preparing young athletes for success on and off the field.

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Brittany Degnan


Brittany Degnan is a PR and Brand Manager for WiT Group and works out of the Columbia SC office.
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