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DebtMD Launches New Website Design

WiT Group is proud to announce the successful design, development, and launch of a new website experience for DebtMD users.

As the initial step in a multi-stage plan to compete in the debt solutions marketplace,  now features cutting-edge technology and multiple sytems integrations which allow users the ability to securely input personal financial information such as debt amounts, debt type, credit scores, etc. in order to receive customized debt solutions and bespoke recommendations which help solve the ever-increasing debt problems that 45% of Americans face today. 

“The goal with the new website was not only to significantly improve the user experience but also to ensure we are recommending the most suitable debt solutions available. We’ve upgraded our existing features such as the Smart Debt Analyzer and introduced a new credit score calculator to add even more value for our users.”

– James Lambridis, CEO.

In partnership with numerous reputable financial institutions, DebtMD offers a diverse range of debt solutions, including debt consolidation loans and debt settlement options, ensuring the perfect solution for every user.

The entire website’s aesthetic and functional design was the brainchild of WiT Group’s Creative Director, Aidan Eaton. The aim is to bring Debt MD into the limelight of the debt solutions marketplace with a contemporary yet user-friendly interface.

“We wanted to create a website that was not only current and visually appealing but also simple, user-friendly, and highly functional. This is just the beginning of a multi-phase plan to elevate Debt MD’s online presence, and we’re excited to see the impact it will have”

Aidan Eaton, Creative Director

debtmd mobile website design
debtmd mobile website design

Future Plans for DebtMD

WiT Group partnered with Grio Agency in 2022 to provide DebtMD with a winning marketing strategy and branding. The new website design enables users a far superior experience then the previous instance, as well as utilizing more advanced logic and more accurate reccomendations for users. Aidan Eaton and the web development team at WiT Group designed and built the new web based application utilizing Webflow CMS and multiple external systems to create and experience for DebtMD that was more attractive to users, affiliate partners, and financial solutions partners. This project is the first step in a multi-stage plan to catapult DebtMD to the forefront of the debt solutions industry.

debtmd desktop web design
debtmd financial application design
debt md mobile website design

About Debt MD

Debt MD is a comprehensive debt solutions provider that collaboratively works with financial institutions to offer optimal solutions for debt relief.

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