Emergency Transportation Associates

Emergency Transportation Associates has grown into an industry leader and become a cornerstone client of our marketing agency. WiT Group built a new website consolidating multiple sites into one while optimizing the user experience and SEO. The new website powered our pay-for-performance lead generation strategy across search and social with great success, making ETA happy and proud.

3 phones showing pages of the eta website redesign

Our Process


Emergency Transportation Associates connects the emergency services industry. Through it’s innovative approach to a very traditional industry, ETA is leading the way for emergency vehicle service, business operations sales, ambulance remount services, and an online marketplace for selling emergency vehicles, QRVs, and ambulances. The only problem was that ETA was using three different websites to market the services and none of them were bringing in the leads and traffic the aggressive company wanted.


Consolidate ETA’s websites and web application into one comprehensive website, while implementing modern SEO standards. The challenge? We had under a month to complete the project! After the website launch, market ETA’s unique services using PPC and social ads to drive the lead generation strategy.

All Hands On Deck!

Our agency began with the consolidated site map, new information architecture, and developed a plan to build a dynamic website around the improved emergency vehicle marketplace. Concurrently our content team revised the very technical web copy and slightly tone down the highly aggressive style ETA had at the time. Bold, striking, and edgy are some of the terms used to describe the enhanced design of the web application. With fresh web copy, new professional designs, and advanced keyword research, the new site was ready to be developed. Our agency built a striking responsive 35 page website, fully optimized for search engines that would drive interested buyers to the website. Within 4 weeks the website was ready for launch. Throughout the process our agency also developed the social media strategy, branding strategy, videography, promotional products, PR, and upon the successful launch in less than 30 days time produced a press release commemorating the now industry leading website.

a desktop pc displaying a website developed by WiT Group used for the lead generation strategy

Remounting ETA’s Digital Strategy


Through the consolidation of the websites, improved design, and by optimizing the website for search engines, ETA began to see inbound leads being generated through the website. With a finite amount of hospitals and municipalities in the southeast our team decided to also take an active approach in the lead generation strategy, adding paid search and paid social media campaigns to the mix. The results were stellar and the combination of search marketing and social media branding proved to be an unstoppable force for Emergency Transportation Associates.

“WiT truly does equal ‘Whatever IT Takes’ – Communication A+, Project Management A+, end results are fantastic. Give WiT Group a call if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your site, refresh your branding, and for all your digital marketing projects.”

Eric Vogl

Co-Founder, Emergency Transportation Associates

Industry Leading Online Marketing

ETA has become one of the cornerstone clients of our agency, completely leading the emergency vehicle industry with their superior online web presence and stellar reputation. Through our online lead generation strategy, our agency has worked on a pay for performance basis to drive leads and new business to ETA and the relationship has been mutually equitable to say the least. Through the strong relationships ETA has built within the industry, our agency has been introduced to many of ETA’s business partners and collaborators in the EMS and emergency vehicle space.

an image of the old emergency transportation assoc. website design