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Financial Advisor Training Institute Launches New Website

WiT Group is proud to announce the launch of a beautiful new website for our client Financial Advisor Training Institute, hosted at This impressive redesign gives prospective new students of the university a superior user experience and aims to better educate those interested in becoming successful financial advisors.

The relationship between our marketing agency and Financial Advisor Training Institute (FATI) was predicated on digital marketing and inbound lead generation. However, the necessity for a website redesign became quickly apparent. As part of our conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization strategy, it was recommended that the website be redesigned in the summer of 2023. WiT Group is proud to launch FATI’s revamped website, recognizing the need for a more comprehensive training platform and superior user experience for prospective new students. This noteworthy design aims to provide users with a modern, user-friedly experience, showcasing FATI’s commitment to excellence in the education, training, certification, and placement of financial advisors across the US.

Strategic Redesign for Optimal Performance

WiT Group undertook a comprehensive content, design, and site structure revision to create an interactive platform for prospective students. The redesign aligns with a broader strategy to attract eligible enrollments through Google Ads and organic search engine optimization. The website has been optimized to drive conversions by leveraging on-site and cross-domain tracking, heat mapping, and touchpoint tracking.

Completing this web platform provides FATI with a comprehensive system, allowing marketing and advertising platforms to communicate with the website and the website to communicate new candidates into FATI’s Customer Relationship Management system.

WiT Group’s collaboration with FATI was driven by the desire to capture a new channel for inbound leads. In developing a winning inbound lead generation strategy, the website redesign was identified as crucial for improving conversion rates by bolstering organic traffic and user experience.

“The redesign aims to be modern, aesthetically pleasing, yet straightforward and intuitive for prospective applicants. This is the first step in a comprehensive plan to boost the Financial Advisor Training Institute’s online visibility as the only financial advisor training platform.”
Aidan Eaton, Creative Director

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Designing for Success

From a design standpoint, the website was transformed to elevate the brand’s trust and allow users to navigate the website more easily. From a color theory perspective, the website’s color palette was strategically adjusted, with a medium-tone blue used as a base color to instill trust and stability while applying a brighter, more energetic shade of orange for use as an accent color and highlighting CTA buttons on the website. The site’s content was distributed strategically to ensure clarity, and an atomic design approach was adopted for efficient updates.

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Elevating User Experience

The redesigned website incorporates a responsive web design, perfectly balancing a modern design aesthetic and fully-integrated search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Interactive elements have been seamlessly integrated, enhancing the overall applicant experience. Prospective students can now easily access information about FATI’s financial advising program and connect with enrollment coaches in real-time.
The backend processes were also enhanced, incorporating events and an event calendar. The mobile version features a functional navigation system akin to a mobile app, enhancing user experience on handheld devices.


Tracking and Integration for Efficiency

WiT Group implemented complex analytics tracking to monitor user interactions, setting up cookies to capture vital user source information. Managing affiliate partners also required setting up separate analytics for each site to track the origin of applications accurately. Furthermore, CRM integration with Go High Level ensured precise tracking of the application funnel and each applicant’s status.

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“This fully redeveloped and redesigned website was a stellar example of our agency’s ability to marry form and function. The brainchild of our Creative Director Aidan Eaton, this gorgeous website is also highly functional, integrating with the client’s CRM and automating many back office processes to make the organization more efficient. We are also very proud to launch this website in only 45 days!”
– Josh Mangum, Founder & CEO.

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Guaranteeing Success in Financial Advising

With the financial advising industry experiencing unprecedented demand, FATI’s three-part program, spanning 14 weeks, guarantees 100% job placement upon completion. Graduates benefit from a unique sponsorship model, connecting them with firms that support them through the necessary exams. The institute ensures a starting base salary of at least $50,000, allowing students to embark on a rewarding career as Financial Advisors.
The redesigned website marks the initial phase of WiT Group’s comprehensive plan to bolster FATI’s online presence. With a commitment to excellence in financial education, the Financial Advisor Training Institute, backed by the revamped website, is positioned to continue producing skilled Financial Advisors ready to meet the demands of today’s financial market.

Additional Information about FATI

The institute uniquely offers training and resources to professionals seeking a career as a Financial Advisor. While the demand for skilled financial advisors is at an all-time high, there are relatively no reliable resources for professionals looking to learn the trade. With this need in mind, the goal of the Financial Training Institute (FATI) is to equip prospective Financial Advisors with the high level of necessary training expected from top finance businesses. FATI remains the only training program for Financial Advisors in the United States with connections across the financial industry.

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