Public Relations Services

Over the past decade, a lot has changed within the public relations landscape. What used to be considered an effective strategy has since evolved to encompass a broader scope of service that many public relations agencies haven’t yet embraced. At WiT Group, we understand what it takes to effectively manage a brand’s PR service needs. Update your current public relations strategy by connecting with WiT today!

Our Public Relations Services

Awards Submissions

Award-winning companies are those that are able to attract and retain more customers than those that have not thrown their hat in the ring to receive recognition. WiT Group’s team works hard to craft the perfect awards submissions for our clients to receive the recognition their brands deserve.


When a brand needs damage control, they benefit most from a team that can provide the integrated services necessary for effective rebranding. Our team can assist in reviving a brand’s image, producing compelling content and stunning creative designed to propel our clients forward in the face of adversity.

Trade Shows

Being present at trade shows and conventions is an essential part of building up a brand’s authority within their respective industry. WiT’s team helps our clients identify the trade shows and conventions that will earn them the credibility they need to be recognized as a key player within their industry.

Events Planning

Community outreach and events are important for bolstering brand image and consumer relations. Our team can assist with venue location, event planning, and promotion, allowing our clients to gain valuable one-on-one time with their target audience and fellow industry professionals.

Managing Brand Image

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Once upon a time, public relations services simply meant crafting a few press releases and getting placed in trade publications. While these services still provide value to a certain degree, they have largely fallen to the wayside as more effective methods of PR take their place. What brands need now more than ever is a team of multi-talented professionals capable of managing their image from messaging and imagery to awards and community outreach. Especially in today’s political climate, companies also need a team to help them carefully navigate sensitive situations so they can avoid diminishing consumer relations.

At WiT Group, our public relations agency understands how to navigate the current PR landscape. We provide end-to-end solutions to help businesses manage their brand’s image effectively. From awards submissions and community events to content creation and press placement, we have a broad range of public relations services companies need to rise the ranks within their industries. Contact our creative agency to get started today!


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No two companies are the same, and neither should their PR strategy. WiT Group never takes a cookie-cutter approach to our PR services. Instead, when clients select our team for service, our team will:

  • Work closely with their internal teams to identify clear business objectives
  • Identify opportunities for community events, conventions, and trade shows
  • Develop compelling awards submissions to earn clients deserved recognition
  • Create key messaging and graphics aimed at restoring the brand’s image
  • Foster positive consumer relations through press placement and strategic releases

Our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to drive our clients’ continued success. No matter what our clients PR request may be, we are dedicated to finding the solutions necessary to make their public relations dreams their reality. Connect with our team to get the PR services your company deserves today.