Lil Duck Kombucha

Lil Duck Kombucha creates and distributes the world’s most healthy and wonderful tasting kombucha! Based in Columbia SC, this company was seeing immense success, that is until the 2020 coronavirus pandemic shut down the company’s offline operations. Our agency was tapped to solve this issue with little time and the company’s future on the line!

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Where we started.

Until the 2020 quarantine most of the purchases of Lil Duck Kombucha occurred in person and offline. Sales were promising and the company had just purchased a large commercial building to manufacture their kombucha. Like many other small businesses during this time, the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine in place orders in March 2020 brought Lil Duck’s sales and operations to an abrupt halt. Determined to keep the business running, Owner Debey Hancock partnered with WiT Group to develop creative marketing strategies to take business operations online. This was a tall order and navigating the uncharted waters would prove difficult.

Timeline: immediate.

Challenges: Timeline, Poor Quality Product Images, Selling Direct To Consumer Food Online

Quick Plan of Action

With no time to waste, our agency developed a strategic plan of action which encompassed Lil Duck’s branding, e-commerce website capabilities, strategic re-organization of responsibilities and company resources, as well as a strategic positioning of the product that showcased the health benefits of regular intake of kombucha. Within 1 week the 30-Day Kombucha Challenge took shape and a temporary e-commerce website was developed enabling customers to purchase gallons of kombucha online. Our agency took on the task of revitalizing the online graphic design and managing the company’s social media marketing.

New Strategies. Amazing Results

Demand for the health benefits and immunity boosting properties of the kombucha led to immediate revenues for Lil Duck. Within a few weeks our agency was able to develop a new responsive WordPress website which utilized woo-commerce to provide customers the ability to purchase different sizes of kombucha, new flavor packages, and most importantly to set up recurring subscriptions on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Free delivery was offered in the local Columbia SC market thanks to Debey’s husband and business partner Wil Hancock and soon the campaign “Where There is a Wil, There is a Way” was delivering the personal connection with the company’s extremely loyal customer base.

Brand Growth Through Creative Marketing Efforts

Creative marketing sometimes extends beyond what is typically expected from a marketing agency. From social media posting and graphic design to procurement of glassware and branded materials, our agency has been dedicated to supporting this company, their amazing story, and the cause they stand behind. Lil Duck Kombucha is currently planning to expanding to the Charlotte NC market and we couldn’t be happier about that!

“WiT Group was instrumental in our success through the challenges faced during 2020. I have worked with other marketing gurus and agencies in the past but I have never experienced this level of expertise, fantastic results, and extreme effort that I have with WiT Group. I would highly recommend this agency to any and all small businesses looking to grow their business.”

Debey Hancock

Owner, Lil Duck Kombucha

Services provided

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