Laff House Party Rentals

Laff House Party Rentals needed a web design agency to build a website to accurately display their extensive range of party rentals, from inflatables to concessions. To address this objective, our team designed and developed a fully functional website that incorporated colorful visuals while maintaining a modern look. We also implemented an automated rental system with 3rd party tools integrated into the product database, allowing us to precisely track which products were rented and when they were unavailable. Finally, we used retargeting and data collection tools to reach out to customers who had abandoned their carts during checkout and guide them back toward completing their purchases.

2 phones showing the homepage of the redesign laff house party rentals site
a monitor displaying the redesign laff house party rental site
a monitor displaying the homepage redesign of the laff house party rentals site
a monitor displaying the laff house party rentals faq section

Our Process


Laff House Party Rentals needed a website to accurately display and drive leads from their numerous party rentals that rely on visuals to generate sales. Describing their large range of rentals; from inflatables, slides, concessions, tents, chairs, and yard games; was practically impossible through non-digital channels. The next step for the company was a website and to find a web design agency, the WiT Group.


Design, develop, and market a website for Laff House Party Rentals. Showcase their extensive range of products in all of their glory, while informing customers of each product’s unique power, setup, and delivery requirements. Implement a customer-facing rental system that allows customers to set the date of their party, rental drop-off times, and pick-up times- then pricing the request accordingly for the time booked while managing the availability of Laff House Party Rental’s limited stock of rentals.


Develop a landing page with complex analytics and pull customer data to define a target market; then design and develop a fully functioning site with all of the systems required for an online rental business. Incorporate colorful design into the website to illustrate the vibrantly colored rentals while maintaining a sleek modern look to the site. Then Utilize product schema to have Google recognize and recommend the rentals as products in Google search, something relatively looked over by competitors in the industry, instantly shooting Laff House Party Rentals to the top of search results regardless of their site’s own rankings.

Web Design And Function

Developing a solution to the steep requirements and automation needed to prevent double booking and ensuring orders are communicated sufficiently between the client and customer was first. Without a strong system for receiving and executing on orders, the site would surely fail. The WiT Group, a web design agency, integrated a 3rd party tool in coordination with a product database to precisely track what products were rented and at what times they were unavailable, while also leaning on this database to collect any product customization and accurately price rental services based on a number of factors, including rental period, holiday pricing, weekend pricing, add-ons, extra concessions, and setup services.