Cops & Barbers

Cops and Barbers is a nationally recognized initiative that has been credited for establishing meaningful relationships between local law enforcement and youth. The application creates an avenue for communities and law enforcement to have a much needed dialogue. 

The Process

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Following the unfortunate death of Keith Lamont Scott by Charlotte police, a sense of antagonism formed between the minority youth of Charlotte and the police force. The mounting tension lead to a 48 hour protest, in which hundreds of people were injured, and $122,000 in property damage was caused. Moving forward, Charlotte faces a steep financial loss and dangerous social divide, if the tension in Charlotte continues.

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Reach the minority youth of Charlotte and leave a lasting impact on the social dynamic between the Charlotte youth and its police force to mend the rift between the two groups.

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Consumers are aged 15-25, tech forward, socially invested, LONGSTANDING mistrust of law enforcement, highly emotionally charged subject matter being discussed.

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Publicize events through social media, through the app itself, and the website to reach the youth of Charlotte and humanize the Charlotte police through holding events in centers of community. Utilizing barbershops, shoe stores, cafes, schools, and fundraisers as events to build empathy on both sides.

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App Design

The mobile app was to be used to connect users with the events being held by Cops & Barbers. The colors are muted, softer versions of the red and blue traditionally associated with the police. The juxtaposition between the two colors allows simple color emphasis for easy-to-skim pages.

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Brochure Design

Created to further message penetration at the events themselves. These tri-folds are intended to further inform people about the organization and serve as a take-away reminder of the cause.