Beebe’s Tires & Service

Beebe’s Tires & Service provides a mobile OTR tire replacement service. They wanted to promote their most promising service line: forklift tire replacement. With the unique value proposition of a mobile service, all the company needed to do was get in front of companies actively searching for their services. Our agency was tapped to provide search engine marketing for the company with no website and virtually zero online presence.

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Where we started.

When we first talked to Beebe’s Tire & Service, they were looking for help with generating leads online. Due to the nature of the company’s services, it was quickly determined that search engine marketing would be the most equitable channel for our agency to focus on.

Our team excels at driving leads through local SEO and PPC advertising; however, there was one small problem: Beebe’s Tire & Service did not have a website or any online presence!

Timeline: 2 weeks.

Rapid Marketing Project

Within three days’ time, our agency was able to gather all of the necessary materials, develop the content for the website, and start designing. Meanwhile, the SEO team got to work doing keyword research, building citations, optimizing web content, and building out campaigns.  Within two weeks, the mobile responsive and locally optimized WordPress website was rapidly developed, tested, and was sent out for client approval.

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Within a few weeks, Beebe’s Tire & Service was ranking for search terms and raking in viable leads. Through our strategic web development and SEM services, we’ve helped them to grow their client base and increase company revenues.

New Website, New Rankings, New Leads!

With a UX-driven, well-designed SMB website combined with a locally focused SEO strategy, Beebe’s Tires and Service has been able to drive leads and new  partnerships to grow their business.

We sure are glad Justin clicked on one of our own PPC ads and gave us a call!

“WiT Group was able to get results – quickly. Our search marketing services have generated the traffic and leads that will help our business reach our goals. The website design was outstanding and the communication and response time are terrific. I highly recommend WiT Group!

Justin Beebe

Owner, Beebe's Tire & Service