81 North Companies

81 North Companies provides construction management services to the hospitality, food service, and retail industries — just to name a few. The company wanted to grow; however, it had zero online presence. Without the web presence necessary to scale their business, the founder contacted our marketing agency to set to work on a strategically developed lead generation landing page. 

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Where we started.

When we first talked to company founder, Jayson Poluka, we learned a great deal about a very unique industry. 81 North provides third-party project/construction management services for companies in a wide variety of industries.

Without any online presence whatsoever, our agency was tasked with driving brand awareness and lead generation for the startup brand. Our agency developed a strategy that involved developing sales automation flows, sales messaging, sales automation processes, and a landing page to bring added validation to an already impressive portfolio of work experience.

Timeline: 3 weeks.

Developing A Plan

Within 48 hours, our agency was able to develop a strategic marketing plan and winning sales strategy. Our team then went to work developing the targeting, messaging, cadences, and sales flows that would put 81 North Companies in front of the right audience at the right time with the messaging that would turn cold prospects into interested sales leads. The system combined LinkedIn Sales Navigator targeting, Salesforce CRM, Google Sheets, Sales Automation Tools, and the development of a “sticky” sales funnel landing page.

While our lead generation team developed this approach, our creative marketing went to work developing new company content and the design for a new micro-site. Meanwhile, our SEO team began the process of setting up Google Analytics, Heat Mapping, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and building out citations for our new client.

81 north companies sales messaging and lead generation


After three weeks of strategic planning, process building, and developing creative content for this emerging brand, we were ready for launch. With the successful launch of the micro-site and conversion optimized landing pages, our lead generation team began the initial sales automation process for our client.

After a few days of testing, our team was delivering leads to 81 North Companies at three times the anticipated rate. 

Successful Company Launch

The initial launch of the micro site along with our successful lead generation services enabled 81 North Companies to grow and expand over the first six months of the mutually equitable partnership with our marketing agency.

It’s great to see that our own lead generation campaigns paid off and led Jayson to finding a strategic partner in our marketing agency! 

“WiT Group was able to get 81 North Companies off to a terrific start. Because of them our company is growing and we are making connections with some of the biggest and best brands in the country. The initial success of our campaigns has allowed my company to expand into new industries and develop valuable relationships. I would highly recommend WiT Group to any business owner looking to grow their business – they really do Whatever it Takes!”

Jayson Poluka

Founder, 81 North Companies

Services provided

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