Application Development Services with WiT

With more than 1 billion global users, it’s critical for companies to provide ways for consumers to engage with their brand through their mobile devices. WiT Group’s app development team has the skills necessary for creating seamless, intuitive, and engaging applications that strengthen the bond between brand and consumer. Start building a better brand by contacting us about our application development services today.


Web Application Development

Using HTML5 and CSS development, our programmers will expertly craft a seamless user experience from the moment consumers arrive at our clients’ websites. We’ll ensure all web-based applications are running smoothly and optimized for the user experience. 

Mobile Application Development

Our experienced programmers can develop applications for the Google Play Store and Apple Store, effortlessly reaching all of our clients’ target consumers. From games to shopping and everything in between, we create the mobile apps our clients need to engage their consumer base.

eCommerce App Development

We can create a customized shopping experience for consumers by developing an eCommerce app that’s unique to our clients. Our development team can build mobile shopping experiences as well as web-based integrations to help guide the consumer journey and increase sales performance.

API Integration Development

Our expertly developed API integrations effortlessly streamline communication between data, applications, and devices for improved business processes and performance. We’ll help identify issues in API configuration to enable a new era of productivity and efficiency for our clients. 


custom code from mobile app development companies

Millions of consumers around the globe actively use mobile devices to discover and interact with brands. It’s no surprise then that the most successful companies are those that provide mobile users a way to engage with their brand in the palm of their hand. Application development is an integral part of any solid marketing strategy. The following are just some of the reasons why every business owner should invest in app development for their company:

  • Exposure: The average smart phone user spends more than two hours a day exploring mobile apps, providing companies with an excellent opportunity for increasing exposure and engagements.
  • Loyalty: Custom apps enable a direct line of communication between brands and consumers, increasing customer loyalty by providing them with in-app purchase options, promotions, and more.
  • Marketing: Application development allows companies to easily reach target consumers and deliver meaningful company collateral right to users’ phones.
  • Sales: Mobile apps can dramatically increase sales and revenue, providing consumers with a fast and simple way to get the goods and services they need.

WiT’s team of expert programmers and marketing professionals provide the comprehensive app development services necessary for driving business success. We are committed to helping our clients reach new heights by delivering powerful results through remarkable application development and design. Contact our team to get started with our app development services today!

custom code from mobile app development companies


mobile app development companies viewing application UX wireframes

At WiT, our programming team takes a personalized approach to application development, working closely with our clients’ internal teams to ensure all apps align closely with their mission, vision, and values. When working with our expert team, we will:

  • Collaborate with clients’ internal teams on creative direction and key messaging
  • Identify the features and functionalities that matter most to their target consumers
  • Ensure market readiness with thorough quality assurance practices
  • Provide managed services for ongoing app development support

As a commission-based marketing agency, our clients only pay when our application development services earn them the results they seek. We’ve helped our clients earn millions of dollars in revenue thanks to our incredible app development efforts. Discover what our application development services can do to enhance your marketing strategy by contacting WiT today!