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Developing promotional products is one of the best ways that brands can increase exposure and awareness. WiT Group has helped our clients achieve incredible gains through our promotional products services. Honing in on what makes our clients’ brands unique, our team will make an expert recommendation for what products can help bring their business to new heights. Discover what the right promotional materials can do to enhance your brand exposure by contacting WiT today.



78% of consumers own some form of promotional drinkware, earning brand impressions that last for years to come.


Over 60% of consumers hang onto promotional T-shirts for at least 14 months, with T-shirts earning an average 3,400 impressions throughout their lifetime.

Tote Bags

An excellent marketing tool, 50% of consumers state that promotional totes increase the likelihood that they’ll do business with the company that gave them a branded bag.

USB Drives

Extremely useful and incredibly effective, nearly 60% of consumers keep promotional USB drives for personal use.


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Company swag isn’t just a great way to make new employees feel welcome on their first day. Promotional products are a strategic method for enhancing a brand’s overall marketing efforts and creating a lasting impact on potential consumers. Whether handing them out at trade shows, business events, or job fairs, promotional products dramatically increase the likelihood that consumers will choose to do business with the brands that took the time to create and distribute them. The most effective promotional products are those that:

  • Boast a high staying power
  • Add value to consumers’ lives
  • Are proven to increase brand impressions

No two companies are the same, and the promotional products you create should illustrate what makes your brand unique. Identifying which products are best can be overwhelming — especially with so many options available! Get the professional assistance you need from the team with the proven track record for enhancing brand awareness and recall: Contact our marketing agency to get started with our promotional products services today.

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At WiT, we never use a one-size-fits-all approach to our promotional product development. Our expert marketing team takes the time to understand your company on a personal level, creating customized solutions that align with your company’s mission, vision, and core value proposition. When working with WiT, our branding experts will:

  • Assess market trends within client’s specific industry
  • Work closely with client’s internal team on graphic design and key messaging
  • Bring promotional products to fruition from concept and design to finalization and creation

Our team is committed to delivering marketing services designed to increase revenue for our clients. A commission-based marketing agency, we only consider ourselves successful when our clients’ expectations are exceeded. Start making a lasting impact on your target consumer base by contacting WiT about our promotional products services today!