Programmatic Advertising Services

With so many digital platforms currently in use, finding the right channel and the best placements for advertising can be incredibly daunting. WiT Group employs sophisticated programmatic advertising software to help brands reach their target audiences in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Start advertising smarter by choosing our programmatic advertising services today!

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Benefits of Programmatic Advertising:


Improved Targeting

Sifting through endless consumer data to target effectively is needlessly time-consuming. WiT’s programmatic advertising services allows our clients to target across many demographics and devices in real time, reaching their target consumers more efficiently.


Streamlined Campaigns

Setting up ad campaigns across every individual platform is no longer necessary! With our programmatic ad software, we can consolidate campaigns to deliver across devices in multiple formats, effectively streamlining the campaign development process.

Easy Access

Different advertising platforms employ various bidding strategies, making it difficult for brands to optimize accordingly. Through programmatic advertising, brands gain easy access to ad inventory while the algorithm takes the guesswork out of bidding.


Informed Decisions

Making sense of campaign data across devices and platforms is incredibly challenging. Our programmatic advertising allows us to collect our clients’ campaign data all in one place, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions about their ad spend.

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Get with the Program 

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Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling process for digital advertising. By consolidating brands’ digital marketing efforts into one platform, they are able to be more cost-effective in their ad spend and more efficient in their transactions. Additionally, programmatic advertising platforms have grown their inventory and database to include virtually every digital marketing opportunity in existence, including mobile, desktop, digital outdoor, smart TV, and audio. Moreover, programmatic platforms use sophisticated targeting tactics to segment audiences and help brands reach the right people and the right time. All of this is done while algorithms do the heavy lifting for buying, placing, and optimizing ads to make the campaign process more streamlined.

Our digital marketing agency implements the most sophisticated programmatic advertising services to drive increased conversions and revenue for our clients. We listen carefully to each client’s business objectives, custom-tailoring their campaigns to deliver the results they seek. Get with the program: Contact our team to get started with our programmatic advertising services today!


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We are committed to our clients’ success, doing whatever it takes to earn them the results that align with their business goals. By selecting our services, our team will:

  • Evaluate past campaign performance to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement
  • Identify the client’s business objectives and align the advertising strategy with these goals
  • Employ sophisticated programmatic platforms to deliver the most cost-effective, impactful ads to the client’s target consumers
  • Analyze campaign performance to help clients make data-driven decisions about their ad spend

Through our programmatic advertising services, we’ve helped earn millions of dollars in increased revenue for our clients. Our methods are proven to work, delivering incredible results in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. Adopt a better digital advertising strategy by choosing WiT’s programmatic advertising services today.