Retainer Rates with WiT

Brands that have a need for ongoing marketing projects will benefit most from securing services on a monthly retainer. WiT Group provides a broad range of retainer options, helping companies achieve marketing success while saving on their service needs. Get the exceptional marketing services you need at an affordable rate by connecting with our team today!

Our Benefits of Marketing Retainer Rates

Ongoing Savings

​Rather than paying for hourly services, brands that choose a retainer option can save big on their marketing needs. WiT’s clients save up to 15% on our services when they choose to pay through our monthly retainer option.

Guaranteed Services

Those that have ongoing projects need a dependable team that’s there to tackle the job at hand time after time. By going on monthly retainer, WiT Group guarantees the bandwidth necessary for tending to our clients’ needs.

Continued Commitment

Choosing a monthly retainer rate for marketing services helps brands build a better long-term strategy. WiT Group takes pride in establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients, doing whatever it takes to drive ongoing success.

Who’s a Fit for Retainer Rates?

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Whether a client comes from a small business background or is an enterprise-level corporation, retainers are an excellent payment option for securing marketing services at an affordable rate. A monthly retainer for marketing makes the most sense for companies that:

  • Have ongoing project needs on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis
  • Know what marketing services they anticipate needing on a regular basis
  • Are serious about building a strategy for ongoing success
  • Don’t have the internal team in place to execute their marketing needs

At WiT, our team works with each client to determine the best payment solution for their service needs and budgetary constraints. Find the monthly retainer rate that works best for your company’s needs by connecting with our team today!

Receive a Service Quote Today!

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WiT Group never takes a cookie-cutter approach to our clients’ needs — and finding the right payment solutions is no exception. Our team will assess the full scope of our client’s project needs, making an expert recommendation on the best payment options available to drive their marketing success. Don’t get sucked into complicated invoicing from agencies that aren’t invested in your company’s success: Contact WiT Group to get a quote on a monthly retainer rate for your marketing needs today!