Hourly Rates for WiT Group

At WiT Group, we prioritize 100% transparency with each of our valued clients. We make our pricing details available up-front to avoid any surprises with our clients’ billing and invoicing. In addition to our pay-for-performance pricing model, we provide hourly rates for our marketing services to help clients save money on small project needs and unexpected requests. Contact our team to find out if our hourly marketing service rates are right for you!

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Brands Benefit from Hourly Rates If:

They Have One-Off Projects

Sometimes brands have marketing projects that their internal teams don’t have the bandwidth to handle. When that’s the case, they can choose to outsource one-off projects to a marketing agency for an affordable hourly rate rather than a retainer.

They Have Quick Projects

Similar to one-off projects, brands may have a quick turnaround request on a small-scale project. Again, securing an hourly rate for a marketing agency is a smart way to reduce costs while still receiving high-quality service.

They Have Unexpected Needs

Even if brands are currently on retainer with our team, they can still benefit from an hourly rate if unexpected needs arise. Especially if these needs are not ongoing, an hourly rate can be an effective way to add key services without increasing a monthly retainer.

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Hourly Rates Per Marketing Service

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We break our hourly rates down by service to help simplify the decision-making process for our clients. Below is a quick view of what our hourly pricing looks like depending on the service our clients select:

Standard Services | $125 Per Hour

Specialty Services | Rates Vary

  • Live Event Work – $85 per hour
  • Programming – $200 per hour
  • Sales Coaching / Consulting – $150 per hour
  • Brand Strategy $150 per hour
  • Videography – Varies by Project
  • Hosting & Web Management – $50 per month
  • Strategy and Consulting – $150 per hour
  • Salesforce Engineering – $250 per hour


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Don’t see the services you want listed above? Reach out to a member of our team to receive a personalized hourly rate quote for your marketing services today!

WiT Group understands that every brand’s service needs are different. We work hard to develop custom-tailored solutions and payment options to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. Whether a brand is looking for standard marketing services or requires specialty services for a complex project, we are ready and willing to work with their team to find the best solution for their budget. Contact us to get a personalized service quote for your project needs today.