Custom Logo Design Services with WiT


Developing the right logo is no easy feat, which is why it pays to have a professional design team to help you get the brand recognition you deserve. WiT Group’s creative agency provides completely custom logo design services to help bolster brand identity. Get started by contacting us today.


Initial Design Consultation

Our creative agency meets with our clients’ internal teams to discuss their vision and branding requirements. We help identify the most unique aspects of our clients’ brands to inform our design strategy.

Custom Design

After the initial consultation, we’ll create a stunning logo that communicates the essence of our clients’ brands. From color scheme to key messaging, we produce eye-catching logos that position brands at the top of target consumers’ minds. 

Feedback & Finalization

Our graphic designers work tirelessly to arrive at the logo that meets our clients’ expectations. Once finalized, we’ll help ensure the new logo is implemented seamlessly across all collateral for a unified brand presence.


laptop filled with logo designs from wit group agency

Designing the right logo is an essential first step for building brand success. Humans process images much more quickly than words (60,000 times faster to be exact), which is why many businesses choose a visual branded logos. While it may seem straightforward, designing logos is a complex process that takes into consideration many different design principles, including:

  • Color
  • Font
  • Imagery
  • Readability
  • F vs. Z Pattern
  • Negative Space
  • And much more!

With so much to consider, it’s imperative for brands to seek out the professional services they need to ensure their logos pack a punch. By choosing WiT’s design services, clients receive a personalized logo unique to their company’s business objectives. Our team works carefully to identify the differentiating features of each client’s brand and translate them into a breathtaking, memorable design. Don’t settle when it comes to logo design: Choose WiT Group’s services today!

laptop filled with logo designs from branding agency


notebook of custom logo designs from branding company

At WiT, we are dedicated to our clients’ success. Operating as a commission-based marketing agency, our team is only successful when our clients’ needs are met. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach: Instead, we take the time to fully immerse ourselves in what makes our clients’ companies unique. Our logo design process includes the following:

  • Initial Consultation: Working one-on-one with clients’ internal teams, our graphic designers will assess their company’s business objectives and value proposition to inform the creative direction.
  • Design & Draft: We’ll draft up a logo design based on our discussion, collaborating with clients to get feedback and make necessary edits.
  • Design Finalization: Once a logo design is selected that meets clients’ expectations, we’ll get their final approval and ensure the new design appears on all company collateral.

We want our clients to take pride in their logo, which is why we use results-driven strategies to help boost brand recognition and recall. Through our personalized design and marketing services, we’ve helped our clients earn millions of dollars in revenue. Discover what the right logo can do to help you meet your business objectives by contacting WiT about our logo design services today.